Ultimate Flags Is Giving Customers Creative Ways To Express Their 1st Amendment Right

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Okeechobee, Florida -

Ultimate Flags, America’s oldest online flag store, is giving its customers hundreds of creative ways to express their 1st amendment rights through its wide range of flag designs.

The store carries flags in various different categories ranging from political, patriotic, peaceful, religious, LGBTQ, and many more. The store says that it is proud to help people of all walks of life celebrate their 1st Amendment right to express their views, share their history, heritage, and issues they hold near and dear to their hearts peacefully through its giant selection of designs.

when tyranny becomes law flag

A spokesperson for the company talks about the selection of flags on offer by saying, “We have an extensive and exhaustive collection that caters to all needs. We are proud to help our customers express how they really feel by flying these flags. We live in a nation that respects all opinions and gives you the right to showcase your love for your way of life. We consider ourselves lucky to be born in this great country and we want to give others who feel the same way, the tools to express their feelings and affiliations. Our flags are made to match the highest quality standards. Head over to the store to find out why we are the best in the business when it comes to flags.”

The store has flags and items in a lot of different categories for sale such as political flags, rebel flags, confederate flags, Gadsden flags (Don’t Tread on Me), historic war flags, come and take it flags, 2nd amendment flags, Texas flags, pirate flags (Jolly Roger), Deo Vindice flags, cool flags, military flags, first responder flags, fire department flags, thin blue line (police) flags, law enforcement memorial flags, national flags, US state flags, country and national flags, city and province flags, St Patricks Irish flags, garden flags, advertising flags, real estate portable flags, window clips, peace flags, religion flags, holiday flags, international flags, boat flags, nautical flags, car flags, truck flags, Scotland flags, hats & ball caps, and many more.

The company reminds its customers about the many sacrifices that have been made since the inception of the country to defend the right to the first amendment. It asks readers to recap the many supreme court cases on flags that have given citizens of the country the right to fly the flag of their choice high and proud without fear of persecution. It also asks readers to be aware of the 1st amendment rights afforded to them as American citizens such as the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, freedom of association, freedom to petition, the freedom to exercise one’s religion, and many more that they may be taking for granted in this day and age.

As of the time of writing, the store is celebrating with a Mix & Match Sale that allows customers to buy two flags and get the third one free. When the customer buys any two items on the site they get any third item of an equal or lesser value to the lowest priced purchased item for free. This applies to most items in the store including hats, license plates, belt buckles, etc. including different qualities/sizes of flags. The sale allows customers to mix and match items, and designs as they see fit.

Ultimate Flags is a completely American-owned company that is run by the descendants of Paul Revere. All the flags are sourced/made from suppliers in the United States. The company says that it is proud of its business model that creates jobs in the country that they love. The company can be contacted for assistance at the phone number (863) 467-0584 from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. The company has an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube. Customers can find links to all its social media on its website.

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Ultimate Flags: Where EVERY flag tells a story. For Patriots, Pride & Freedom. We love helping people celebrate virtues, history, and ideas they believe in.

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