Air Check Mechanical Service Debuts New Blog, Publishes Post On AC Replacement

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Houston, TX based air conditioning service Air Check Mechanical Service has debuted a new blog on their website, hoping to keep customers well informed about the company's products and services as the summer approaches. The company's first post discusses and explores the options when a customer is looking for AC replacement.

The post focuses on one of the least considered, yet most important factors to consider having an air conditioning system replaced - the time of the year. Sadly, as many homeowners and commercial building owners tend to take their HVAC systems for granted, they rarely see that the best time to ensure their AC is well maintained and functioning to its highest level is springtime, and not summer.

Seasonal patterns are a major factor when you're considering hiring HVAC companies nearby in Houston, TX, as many contractors not only find themselves booked weeks and sometimes months out during the hot summer. Another factor that homeowners should consider is the fact that when the demand for HVAC contractors goes up, so can prices of installation, and the equipment itself.

"There were definitely a lot of portions of the country last year that were reporting that new air conditioners and heat pumps were not only hard to get as units, but also that parts were tough to find," said Donald Compton, owner of Air Check Mechanical Service. "If you are starting to feel like your AC is acting up now, it's important to understand that when the unit is running through 100 degree weather, it is even more stressed - which increases the likelihood of failure."

Houston residents should always be looking ahead when it comes to their HVAC equipment. It is always best to be prepared for an AC not turning on or not cooling, and that means that air conditioning maintenance should always be front and center - in particular with older units.

Each year, thousands of central air conditioners fail in Texas, which can often mean that installers can come at a premium once July and August roll around. In Houston, the average daily temperature in those months are over 90 degrees, with lows around 75. Encountering a failure event during the summer can make for a deeply uncomfortable family experience, even though most air conditioning contractors like Air Check will typically provide portable units in order to bridge the gap.

"We always recommend an AC maintenance check a few months before summer begins," said Compton. "During the summer the demand tends to be dramatically high, so maintenance calls can take time to fulfill while other more critical services are performed."

It is also important when a homeowner is considering an AC unit replacement to have a professional assess his or her actual needs. In many cases, air conditioners that are running constantly and don't seem to effectively solve comfort issues can actually be the incorrect size. Additionally, things like duct blockage or even a not-recently-changed filter can lead to serious performance issues. Understanding that Air Check Mechanical focuses on its customer needs first means that it is the name to trust in Houston when it comes to Air Conditioning replacement.

"For many of our customers, affordability is the number one component they look for when they choose an AC contractor," said Compton. "We do our best to keep things as inexpensive as possible, while fully informing the customer what the options are. We can certainly make informed recommendations, but in the end, the customer always gets his way."

Customers should know that Air Check Mechanical Service can be contacted either via their telephone number, or through their website.

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