Air Conditioning Service Publishes New Page On AC Installation And Replacement

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South Houston based Air Conditioning Installation contractor Air Check Mechanical has published a new page on its website about AC installation, one of the company's key services. As the Texas summer approaches quickly, local residents with cooling issues in their homes should take note of this experienced company's track record with air conditioning installation.

While Air Check Mechanical Service does offer a wide variety of AC repair services, as well as an Air Conditioning maintenance offer for clients looking to ensure their AC units remain super efficient, there are some times when unit replacement or installation is the best avenue.

"If your air conditioning unit is not cooling the house properly, was improperly sized when it was originally installed or is so old that finding parts is a major issue, AC repair is only going to help you so much," said Donald Compton, spokesperson and owner of Air Check Mechanical Service. "At Air Check we are always looking for the best possible and most affordable approach for the customer to take with their HVAC system, but a number of factors can mean that replacement is often the best choice."

The complaints that local customers with air conditioning problems have generally tend to be based around the unit itself. As an example, many folks will wonder why their air conditioner is not cooling, blowing cold air or is simply not working. Customers new to Air Check that originally had their AC install completed by another HVAC service may find that their AC unit is too small, the ductwork is incorrectly designed, or the unit is failing because of lack of maintenance. It's a key reason why Air Check puts AC maintenance first with all of its customers.

"Choosing an Air Conditioning Installation contractor is a huge choice for folks that are looking to improve the comfort of their home," said Compton. "Once we've installed a new AC unit, we always try to sell the client on a professionally managed maintenance agreement. It's really a double shot of insurance - on one hand you ensure the longest AC unit life possible, and on the other, you can be assured that your home or business HVAC system is providing the most comfort possible."

Most air conditioning service experts agree that the standard life of a central air conditioning unit can be anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Certainly, it is always possible for an air conditioner to continue to function upwards of 25 and 30 years, but this is more of an exception to the rule. No matter the age of your air conditioner, if a homeowner is starting to notice the HVAC system has difficulties reaching certain temperature levels, or is blowing mostly warm air, calling for professional help is always recommended.

Although virtually all air conditioning and heat pump manufacturers recommend continued unit maintenance, many homeowners either forget or fail to sign a maintenance agreement with a professional air conditioning contractor. Suffice to say that if the customer does not actually remember the last time an HVAC contractor fully inspected an air conditioner or heat pump, it is more than likely due for an inspection.

"With every customer, we look to weigh budget concerns with what allows us to provide the best quality comfort for the home or business," said Compton. "While we typically tend to advise the customer that a repair is in their best interests, there are certainly a lot of situations where an old AC unit just isn't going to do the job, even in repaired condition."

Call Air Check Mechanical Service anytime for home AC repair and HVAC inspection. The company offers air conditioning installation services throughout the Houston, Texas and Harris County regions.

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