Sunken Stone Is Offering Proven And Battle-Tested Amazon Brand Management Services

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San Diego, California -

Sunken Stone is offering Amazon brand management services that are proven to boost branding and profits. The company is offering a no-obligation introductory call with its Head of Partnerships, Wahid “Will” Habib, for business owners who want to find out more about how Sunken Stone can help their Amazon business.

Sunken Stone says that Amazon brand management services are a must for fledgling businesses that are on the come up. If a business is making anywhere from 1 million to 40 million dollars a year, its catalog includes fewer than 300 SKUs, and if the business owner is constantly trying to grow revenue across different channels, then it is well suited for Sunken Stone’s services. Sunken Stone says that businesses that meet the above criteria can benefit from optimizations that can help them get over a slump in growth. The company’s brand management services can help businesses earn back all the money that they are leaving on the table due to poor choices.

While in the growth phase, there can come a time when an Amazon brand exhausts all avenues of growth. A business can hit a wall due to a lack of domain knowledge and experience. If a business is not growing there is also the chance that it can get overwhelmed by its competitors, especially if they are moving faster and more aggressively. The fickle nature of Amazon’s store rules can also be a reason behind a sudden drop in traffic and loss in revenue. The company says there are a lot of deep, nonobvious tweaks that can be made to make the brand do a lot better than it is currently doing, even if the listings and sales seem perfectly fine on the surface. A structured and focused strategy by an expert brand management service can make any brand a leader in its product category.

To achieve the targets for its customers, Sunken Stone offers amazon management services such as planning for Prime Day, couponing, improving product rankings, brand registry, marketing, dedicated support reps, month-end calls, inventory management, inventory investigations, brand store page optimization, listing monitoring, Buybox monitoring, KW management, sampling, product inserts, FAQ building, re-pricing, tax collection, art direction, photo editing, video production, sponsored brand outreach, AMZ reps, DSP ads, reporting, Cutsheets, sponsored products, A+ content, return management, review management, listing optimization, reconciliation, 3d modeling, 24/7 customer service team, FB chatbots, forecasting, AMZ expansion EU/UK/CA/MX, UPC management, 1P-3P transition, custom dashboard, unauthorized seller management, lightning deals, copywriting, listing management, updating listings, MAP enforcement, review strategy, automatic emails, and subscribe & save plans.

A spokesperson for the company speaks about its services by saying, “Regardless of how well you think you are doing on Amazon, there is always room for improvement. When you sign up with us, we show you all the leaks in your ship and offer solutions on how to plug all the holes. If you have ever wondered how your competition manages to outsell and outperform you on Amazon, then you are definitely going to benefit from our services. We offer a quick quiz on our website that we call the Success Quiz. The quiz has been taken by 400 brands already and can accurately predict whether your brand has what it takes to succeed in the long term. Once you are convinced that there is room to grow and expand, schedule a call with our Head of Partnerships for a preliminary audit of your business. It is a no-obligation call and you will come away with three immediate action items that address your business’s pressing needs. We will be there to help you along if you choose to hire us for further help with your business.”

Sunken Stone can be reached at its phone number (619) 404-3131 or its email id It has offices in San Diego and Seattle. Potential customers can head over to for an in-depth look at all the services offered by Sunken Stone.

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About Sunken Stone :

Strategic, smart and scalable performance-based Amazon brand management. Our proven, four-pillar process gives sellers the ability to dramatically increase sales and ROI without adding to their workload.

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2869 Historic Decatur Road, San Diego, CA 92106

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