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Construction Management Experts CDMG Unravels Latest Technological Advances for Industrial Worksites

March 19, 2021
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Pennsylvania-based CDMG has come up with a detailed article on the latest technological advances in the construction sector for industrial worksites. The industrial engineering firm that specializes in construction management unravels how technological evolution is changing the industrial construction space. “The industrial construction industry has seized upon this new technological opportunity as well,” says Thomas Corry, metal building divisions manager.

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CDMG Industrial construction Management Company

CDMG explains how technology has invaded the industrial construction space. VR headsets are an example that gives an immersive experience of the construction project right from their office desk. Architects and engineers create interactive designs that allow clients to see their project before the construction begins. Virtual reality provides laboratories lifelike training sessions for inexperienced workers to make it easier to learn how to operate the equipment risk-free.

The premier industrial construction management company emphasizes how Augmented Reality enables workers to see through walls and provide a more accurate understanding of spatial relationships. Goggles help workers detect MEP clashes from another side of a wall while enjoying unobstructed, normal views.

CDMG boasts a team of industrial construction management engineers who are experts in managing technology-based construction sites. Fully connected worksites are the result of the Internet of Things that connect different worksites with embedded sensors, which are “secured to construction clothing to collect data and manage safety during work hours.” Construction management experts find it easier to collect real-time reports on project progress, information on worker health, material and employee performance, safety practices, and work efficiency.

CDMG focuses on the benefits of technology in providing accurate progress reports helping teams improve workflow and management processes. The Pennsylvania construction management company explains how embedded sensors provide detailed information on workers' health, safety, and performance, with smart hardhats sending automatic alerts when a worker is at risk.

CDMG explains how drones collect aerial photographs and videos for construction sites and play a role in proper site planning and construction best practices, calculate soil density, and perform heat loss calculations for structures.

Construction sites are leveraging accurate and efficient data provided by drones. The Pennsylvania-based industrial construction management company explains how self-healing concrete is the latest craze instead of traditional concrete. “Self-healing concrete is made with a biodegradable additive that can self-produce limestone to fill cracks autonomously. This innovative concrete technology saves workers and owners time and money, with potential savings of up to 90 million dollars annually,” the construction management company states.

The best industrial engineering firm in Pennsylvania leverages composite material that provides unparalleled structural integrity. “The CABKOMA Strand Rod is an attractive reinforcement system, making it a design feature as well as a structural reinforcement,” they say.

The top industrial construction management and engineering firm in Pennsylvania is an industry leader in commercial design. CDMG has been in the business for 25 years, designing and constructing stunning, quality buildings. Anybody looking for the leading industrial construction management company to apply cutting-edge technology to their project can trust CDMG for its full-service construction capabilities.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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