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Cambridge Electronics Featured For First Time On Google News

March 19, 2021
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Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated is pleased to announce their first Google News post. Titled ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max testimonial: Apple’s longer lasting superphone,’ the article in question explores the numerous benefits the iPhone 12 Pro Max and its large battery offer its users.

“The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the biggest, heaviest and also most costly version of Apple’s smartphone for 2020, a monster in every measurement,” observes the article, going on to explain that its exorbitant cost also pushes the phone a comfortable level above its own siblings in the same generation. While the Pro Max retails at ₤ 1,099, the 12 Pro, 12 and 12 Mini come in at ₤ 999, ₤ 799 and ₤ 699, respectively. Customers should note that these prices also reflect each variant’s base model, with other configurations costing more.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Since Cambridge Electronics believes that customers should get what they pay for, their article examines the iPhone 12 Pro Max in miniscule detail, going over its hardware, features and even ergonomic style. According to the article, the company concludes that the Pro Max gives customers a great many features that they are sure to love, with a few notable caveats. It is due to these caveats, however, that the company also urges their community to take a deeper look at what is on offer before deciding to invest in this phone. While some are sure to love what they get, others may be put off.

To begin with, this iPhone sports both the industry-leading technology and aesthetics that Apple enthusiasts have come to associate with the company’s products. Previous generations of iPhone followed a trend of increasingly curvier edges that made these devices more comfortable to hold in the hand. The iPhone 12 Pro Max and its siblings notably eschew this design for a more boxy, industrial shell that effortlessly contains all 6.7” of the nearly bezel-free front OLED screen as well as the glass back and camera housing.

While the screen comes with some industry firsts, such as the all-new drop-resistant Ceramic Guard, its sheer size is where one major caveat may first present itself to new owners. Cambridge Electronics cautions that this phone is notoriously heavy — though while it does have similar dimensions to certain Android counterparts, its boxy exterior may make it sit easier in the hand. Most users may have to use both hands to maintain a comfortable grip for extended periods but the company acknowledges that the phone is still easy to use one-handed if necessary, presenting none of the hand strain that was associated with the previous iPhone. Even in worst-case scenarios, however, this may appear to be a negligible aspect to those who have been dreaming of having more screen real estate to carry around in their pocket as the Pro Max also features one of the best screens in the industry.

“The display is stunning,” states the article. “Bright, crisp and almost tablet-like at that giant size. Viewing HDR video is amazing, and also there is a great collection of stereo audio speakers also.” Each of the iPhone 12s is powered by the same A14 Bionic processor, and the Pro Max is supported by 6GB of RAM and a starting storage space of 128GB. Performance is excellent across the board, and the phone is highly responsive whether it is processing pictures, shooting video, playing games or handling any of a number of other demanding tasks.

Cambridge Electronics closes by emphasizing that the battery in the iPhone 12 Pro Max may be what users appreciate the most. The article states, “Battery life is class leading at greater than 2 days in between charges (eight hours longer than the apple iphone 12) with the screen on for more than 7 hrs. The phone will certainly last from 7am on the first day until 7am on day 3 using 5G for approximately 5 hrs, with the rest invested in wifi.” This impressive battery life is further bolstered by excellent quick charge capabilities.

In practice, this means that all of the Pro Max’s impressive functionality can be accessed over an extended period, and a fast charger can offer quick top ups when necessary. Customers should be aware that they will need to purchase a battery charger (or the special wireless MagSafe charger) separately. In their concluding statement, Cambridge Electronics states, “If you can manage its sheer immense size and also cost, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is one heck of a superphone.”

Customers are welcome to read the company’s full thoughts on the iPhone 12 Pro Max by looking up Cambridge Electronics on Google News. The article offers additional insight on other features that enthusiasts will want to explore further, including the camera technology, operating system and more. Dan LHeureux of Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated can be reached for further details as well.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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