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Tigard Company Emphasizes the Reasons to Have Only Professionals do Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning

March 19, 2021
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Racine Property Services, Inc., a pressure washing Tigard Oregon company, has been providing exterior cleaning services to those in the Southwest Portland area for many years now. In that time, they have learned just how quickly things can go wrong when someone undertakes a pressure washing task that has no experience operating a high-pressure spray machine. Everything from causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to ending up with a job the operator is not satisfied with can result. That’s why this reputable pressure washing service advises home and business owners to leave their exterior high-powered spray cleaning tasks to experienced professionals.

A spokesperson for the company, Malik, says, “It’s hard to think of a job where experience is not the best teacher. This is something that certainly holds true in the pressure washing business. That’s because there is no substitute for experience when it comes to choosing the right type of equipment, spray wand tip, cleaning solution, and PSI of the jetted water when it comes to doing pressure washing tasks. That’s why we always recommend that you let seasoned professionals like us handle all of your pressure washing needs. It’s the best way to get optimal results when you need exterior cleaning work to be done.”

Malik says that their experience tells them there are one of two ways that they should approach any pressure washing Tulatin or other Portland area pressure washing task that a customer requests of them. The first is jobs that require an extreme amount of water pressure to get a surface clean. This would include such pressure washing jobs as cleaning concrete driveways, patios, and walkways where it takes a high amount of pressurized water spray to get out deeply embedded organic matter and dirt. He added that washing down brick or stucco siding would also be included in this category. It was also mentioned that decks and some vinyl and aluminum siding can also be washed with high-pressure jetted spray as long as a cutting style tip is not selected for the job. The company spokesperson said that when they do high-pressure spray washing tasks, they are also very careful of the surroundings. This is because errant jetted water spray can do such things as take the paint off of surfaces and kill trees & plants.

According to the company spokesperson, the other way that they approach exterior surface cleaning jobs is using a low PSI spray. This is recommended for surfaces that can be easily damaged by high-pressure jetted sprays. He added that once again, they will use their many years of experience to determine which spray cleaning option to use on a particular surface that needs to be cleaned. When they do surface cleaning using a gentler low PSI spray, they rely more on their environmentally-friendly chemicals to loosen dirt and grime so it can be easily rinsed off. This is ideal for use when cleaning roofs where shingles could be damaged by high power spray or when cleaning out gutters. Low-pressure surface cleaning also works well on more sensitive siding types, for cleaning windows, and when cleaning delicate car auto finishes.

Those who have used Racine Property Services for high- and low-pressure washing tasks rate their services very favorably. Kelly Becker stated in her 5-star review, “I have used Racine Property Services for window, roof, and gutter cleaning on my home. Top-notch quality, 100% reliable, and done at a great cost! Always friendly, always easy to schedule, always on time and thorough, always get more than I asked for. If additional issues are noticed during roof cleaning (I certainly am not seeing my home from that angle often), I am always made aware (with pictures, too!).”

Malik mentioned that they offer their advanced pressure washing services to those in Lake Oswego, West Linn, Beaverton, Wilsonville, Tualatin, Hillsboro, Tigard, and other Greater Portland areas. Those who need pressure washing or roof cleaning service in these Oregon areas can call Racine Property Services, send them an email, or fill out the form that’s found on the ‘contact us’ page of their website.

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