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Kennected CTO Stephen Twomey Is Quoted In An Article From Databox About Linkedin Outreach And Prospecting Tips

March 09, 2021
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Stephen Twomey, Kennected’s CTO, was recently quoted in an article from Databox that discusses LinkedIn outreach. Twomey offers a concrete example of how custom messages on LinkedIn offer a better chance of reciprocity from the intended lead.

The original article discussing LinkedIn outreach tips lists 16 points to keep in mind for anyone following up on leads. The article quotes Stephen Twomey who stresses the importance of customizing the message to focus on the benefits the prospect stands to gain from establishing contact. This clear communication of how the business can provide value to the lead, often ensures that the outreach ends positively.

To emphasize his point, Twomey quotes two example messages that he might receive on LinkedIn. The first message might read as, “I saw (insert company name) and it left a strong impression.” The second, more personalized, and informative message may read as, “Hey Stephen, I saw that you are the CTO at MYN and I am in a similar space. I have people ask me - What type of marketing should they be using for LinkedIn? Is that something that you help people with?”

To quote Twomey from the article referring to the example messages, “See the difference?” Twomey asks. “He is offering to help me grow my business and provide value to me here, instead of trying to pitch me his product or service. The law of reciprocity says that I have to in turn help him at some point. This is some ninja-level outreach.”

The first message is short and generic and can get lost in the sea of messages that high-quality leads often receive on a platform like LinkedIn. The second message does enough to pique the reader’s interest and gets them interested to read more. Twomey says that the second kind of message - the kind that promotes interaction and clearly expresses the value proposition of the sender - leads to better quality conversations that benefit both the messenger and the lead.

Right below Twomey’s quote, the article also lists the three important parts of a LinkedIn message according to Return On Now’s Tommy Landry. The three parts of the message are “Who you are and why they should care?”, “What your reason for reaching out is?”, and, most importantly, “What’s in it for them?” The article also cites Dale Carnegie’s quote on outreach that says, “Tell the person how you can help them, not how they can help you”.

To summarize all the sixteen tips that are mentioned in the article, it says to personalize the outreach messages, use automation wisely, focus on quality over quantity, establish authority with statistics, let the leads decide to connect, do the research, find common ground, build a relationship, emphasize what the leads will get out of the deal, make a personalized video message, keep outreach messages concise, be upfront, engage where they engage, approach the leads with a question, become a thought leader, and remember that best practices change.

Stephen Twomey is an American entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, PR expert, consultant, and lead generation expert, operating MasterMindSEO since 2014. He is considered to be one of the preeminent practitioners of lead generation SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the United States. Stephen has worked with companies including Quicken Loans’, One Reverse Mortgage, Jonas Paul Eyewear, and many more.

Kennected is a SaaS company, founded in 2018, that simplifies the lives of business owners and entrepreneurs through lead generation, automation, and education. Kennected built the Lead Flow Mastery education platform that teaches business owners copywriting, LinkedIn mastery, personal branding, relationships, and how to use their revolutionary marketing automation software. The company was born out of years of digital marketing experience by Devin Johnson, Cody Harvey, Elliot Drake, Stephen Twomey, and Brandon Poplstein. The goal was to create a solution that was simple yet more effective than traditional marketing company services. The goal was successful and ultimately brought the power of lead generation and marketing back to 10,000+ businesses and entrepreneurs around the world in less than 2 years.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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