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Bexley Dental Discusses the Main Factors Affecting All on 4 Cost

March 03, 2021
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New South Wales Bexley Dental has been performing the All on 4 dental implant procedure for many years now. In that time, they have made this most comfortable and natural-feeling implant method extremely popular. That has led to many prospective patients becoming interested in learning how much the All on 4 dental procedure costs. This dental practice with 25-years of experience responds to these inquiries by pointing out the main factors which impact All on 4 cost.

The reatment Coordinator at Bexley Dental, Zainab Ali, says, “The All on 4 dental implant procedure has revolutionized the way that implants are done for many people. This is because what used to take many implants to complete a whole tooth replacement procedure now only takes 4. That not only makes people more comfortable when getting implants done but also tends to speed up recovery time. It truly is a win-win situation for want the reliability and strength that dental implants offer. For those that are thinking about obtaining this type of dental implant, three main factors affect the cost and outcome of the procedure.”

The first of the factors affecting All on 4 cost that Ali discussed is the formal training of the dentist performing the procedure. It was stated that this can be done in one of two ways; by a dentist attending a short course, that is run over a few weeks or by those that immerse themselves in an intensive postgraduate course, which includes clinical, theoretical, and practical education along with an abundance of first-hand case experience. The latter is preferred because it tends to maximize comfort during the procedure, enables the performing dentist to quickly be able to correct problems during the procedure, and it usually helps the outcome last longer. She also says among the other All on 4 cost factors is the materials that will be used to make the implant. The Treatment Coordinator believes that’s why those who want to get this procedure done need to ask the performing dentist who manufactures the implants and crowns they will use during the procedure and what country they are sourced from. Better materials may cost more but they also will make for a more durable and natural-looking implant. The last main All on 4 cost that was brought up is the dentist’s range of experience concerning implant procedures. A dentist that focuses mostly on dental implants, such as their Dr. Theo Spyrakis, is much preferred to have performing the procedure.

Zainab Ali said that while they use the best materials and have one of the most well-trained and experienced dentists at doing this type of implant procedure, they try to do their best to make it affordable by offering their patients an All on 4 payment plan. Some examples of Bexley Dental’s payment plan offerings include specialty dental loans from banks, Denticare dental financing, MacCredit, Afterpay and Zip Money. She added that most patients looking to get the procedure financed will be pleasantly surprised at all of the various financing solutions and payment plans that they have to offer.

Not only can this unique dental implant method be obtained affordably but it’s a procedure that has also been positively reviewed by those that have had it done. Laila Dable stated, “My husband has had serious issues with his teeth for years and finally decided to do the All on 4 procedure. After having a consultation with Dr. Theo Spyrakis, he was happy to go ahead with the procedure which went really well at all stages from prep to recovery. Dr. Theo and all his staff were very helpful, very caring, and very professional throughout the process. We highly recommend them to anyone considering the All on 4 procedure.”

Zainab Ali went on to say that those looking to get more information on the All on 4 implant procedure can schedule a free consultation by filling out the form that’s found on the dedicated webpage for this treatment on their website. This in-person consultation even includes a free 3D Panoramic scan of the patient’s teeth and jaw which is normally a $140 value.

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