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Ohio Pre-Engineered Prefabricated Steel Building Erector, STEVENS, Identifies Common Mistakes To Avoid During Construction

February 24, 2021
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STEVENS Engineers and Constructors, Middleburg, Ohio, identifies some common pre-engineered steel building mistakes to avoid. The Ohio-based metal building construction company explains how to complete a pre-engineered metal building quickly by avoiding common mistakes with a little planning and know-how.

“The method of construction of a steel frame structure is pretty straightforward if you follow the building plans and design and have a little know-how,” says STEVENS.

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It all begins with preparing the foundation, notes STEVENS, stressing the importance of an experienced foundation contractor that ensures that the slab is laid correctly and anchor bolts are located properly for the prefabricated metal building.

STEVENS is a trusted name in the Ohio industrial steel building industry with more than four decades of experience in pre-engineered metal buildings. Check out their video that showcases their pre-engineered metal building capabilities.

The second important part of the construction phase is the roof and wall sheeting once the framing is complete. The top metal building company in Ohio explains that roof and wall sheeting comes next to framing and involves installing the insulation.

STEVENS suggests beginning the installation with the wall sheeting and then progressing to the roof panels and installing weather stripping to prevent leakage.

The steel building erector in Middleburg lists some of the mistakes to avoid during the construction of a steel building. “You should never build anything without getting a building permit. Ordering your kit before you know your local codes could turn out to be a huge waste of time and money.”

Knowledge of local building codes is crucial. Erecting a prefab metal building without the proper permits could be disastrous and cost a fortune in fines.

“You absolutely need to contact your local building department before you order your prefabricated metal building,” says Vicki Anderson, CEO of STEVENS.

Another common mistake that most builders make is to start working before the job site is ready. STEVENS advises clearing the site for the building for unloading and storage purposes. The industrial metal building constructor emphasizes allowing plenty of time for the concrete for the foundation to cure before it supports the load of the pre-engineered steel building.

STEVENS engineers and constructors have been in the business for decades and understand the importance of providing adequate roads and access ways for construction and delivery trucks. This reduces the risk of a safety hazard and delays in delivery and construction.

“Always read the instructions that come with your metal building,” they state. It is a mistake not to read instructions before putting together any prefabricated metal building kit. Instructions ensure proper assembly from the beginning. “The instructions for steel structures are written to include the building industry's correct techniques and the metal building manufacturer's requirements, and the equipment requirements and safety advice,” STEVENS explains.

STEVENS cautions against starting any DIY prefab construction project without safety equipment and ignoring safety measures, adding that metal building mistakes are often very dangerous.

The Ohio prefab steel building kit provider suggests paying close attention to all the safety procedures in the manual and ensuring appropriate safety gear for those working at the site. “Adhering to the manual’s instructions and safety protocols protects your building and the builders,” Anderson says.

STEVENS has years of experience in the pre-engineered steel building industry. The top Ohio metal building expert provides metal building solutions that cater to the needs and designs of the industry while complying with all local codes and requirements for industry-specific steel buildings.

STEVENS Engineers and Constructors employs a full-service construction and pre-engineered metal building systems team for every steel building project. Anybody looking to benefit from their pre-engineered metal buildings can connect with STEVENS on its website.

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