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Roof Cleaning in West Linn Company Discusses the Benefits of Getting This Service Done

February 23, 2021
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HydroCleaning, a company that specializes in many different pressure washing tasks, is fast becoming known as one of the West Linn, Oregon area's most reliable roof cleaning services. That’s because people are catching on quickly as to all of the benefits that having their roofs cleaned offers them. For those that are not yet aware of these benefits, the company wanted to talk about the advantages that roof cleaning offers in more detail.

The company owner, Tyler, who asked to be called by his first name given Hydro Cleaning’s more personal approach they take when doing business, says, “One of the most overlooked home maintenance tasks is roof cleaning. This is surprising to us given the important role roofs play when it comes to any home’s appearance or ability to shed water. It’s also no secret that roofs that are not properly maintained can be very expensive to repair. That’s why we thought we would take the time to discuss why every homeowner should strongly consider having their roof cleaned periodically.”

One of the biggest advantages that roof cleaning offers is it greatly enhances a home’s appearance. Tyler stated that as one approaches any home from a distance the first part that comes into clear view is its roof. He says a home can have a fresh coat of paint and a nicely landscaped yard but an ugly-looking roof will still take away that home’s appearance. It was also mentioned that cleaning helps maintain shingles or any other type of roof covering material that is on top of a home and will help extend that roof material’s useful life. Tyler went on to say that another hugely important benefit of roof cleaning is that it will get rid of any algae, moss, lichen, mildew, and more unwanted organic matter that is often found growing on roofs. These have many negative impacts on roofing materials and underlayment, especially shingles. He says this all starts with the fact that these substances take away from the looks of any roof by causing dark stains and other unsightly conditions. They will also break down shingles much quicker which significantly takes away from their useful life. If pockets of any of these types of organic matter grow large enough, they can even lift and separate roofing materials causing potential leak areas. The company owner says these organic materials have even been known to attract pests which has can lead to even further roof damage.

According to Tyler, they don’t just go up on a roof and start blasting away at the dirt, grime, and organic matter. That’s because normal high pressure washing services may harm delicate shingles and other roofing materials. Instead, they use impactful environmentally-friendly chemicals that do the hard work and then are rinsed away with a gentle stream of water. He says this is why roof cleaning is best done by professionals such as they are. That way a customer will not have to worry about their roof sustaining damage during the cleaning process.

The quality way the company performs its roof washing services has also garnered them many 5-star reviews for this type of work. Aaron Parker stated, “HydroCleaning did an excellent job on our roof cleaning. Our roof was infested with moss and these guys took excellent care of it and our landscape! Thanks again. Highly Recommend!” Tina Davis wrote, “We had our roof done and our patio area by the pool. This company went beyond my expectations. They were super professional and thorough. I would definitely use them again. Highly recommended!”

Tyler went on to mention that they offer many other types of high- and low-pressure cleaning services too. This includes cleaning driveways, patios, pool decks, siding, brick, stucco, and more. Those that would like more information on this Portland Metro Area’s roof cleaning services can contact them by phone, email, or by clicking on the ‘request a free consultation’ link that’s found at the top of their website’s homepage. HydroCleaning offers both commercial and residential pressure washing services and that work is always 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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