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Emergency Dentist In Walton-on-Thames Offers Teeth Whitening During Lockdown

February 19, 2021
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Walton Dental Surgery in Walton-on-Thames has announced that they are continuing to provide their patients with a variety of dental services during the current lockdown. Walton Dental Surgery provides teeth whitening services, as well as a wide range of emergency services for patients who need them.

A spokesperson for the dental practice says, “Even during this difficult time, people need dental services. One would not expect their general physician to be closed during a lockdown and dental care is just as important as overall health care. We strive to always be here for our patients, whether they need a simple cleaning or a more complex procedure.”

Emergency dentist in Walton-on-Thames

The dental practice states that their staff has been versed on the proper way to provide dental services while ensuring complete patient safety during these unprecedented times. The practice, whose website can be viewed at, offers a number of dental services for the entire family.

Teresa Kayne, spokesperson for the dental care facility says, “We want our patients to know that they can call on us for whatever they need during this lockdown. We don’t want anyone going without vital dental care. Our staff adamantly cleans up after each appointment, ensuring that everything has been thoroughly sanitized, and we have certain practices in place to help ensure that no one is present who could potentially make our patients ill.”

Health experts recommend that physicians, dental surgeries, and others that see a number of consumers on a daily basis, practice safety by having all patients and workers wear masks, sanitizing regularly throughout the day, and even undertake temperature checks to ensure that no one is running a fever.

“These are things that have become the norm,” says Teresa, “and they are things that our clinic will continue to do until we know that all of our patients are safe and have excellent oral health.” Those with questions about the safety policies of the practice can learn more by calling us.

Information regarding teeth whitening offered at the dental surgery can be viewed here:

The practice offers a full range of dental procedures for the entire family including emergency services, whitening, and a number of cosmetic procedures. Teresa adds that the facility ensures that there is adequate space for social distancing and that all staff members are checked to ensure that they are healthy before interacting with any of their patients.

Healthcare experts around the world are now saying that while numbers around the world have fallen a bit, they are not at all sure when social distancing, mask wearing and other protocols will no longer be the norm. Teresa says that until that day comes, Walton Dental Surgery will continue to do what they need to do in order to keep their patients healthy and safe, including helping their patients to feel more comfortable with their dental care during lockdown.

Those who are interested in learning more about the full range of services that the practice offers can visit the emergency dentist in Walton-on-Thames online or in person. Patients in need of routine or emergency services can visit the practice’s website to schedule an appointment using their online form or contact them directly by calling 01932 225748 to schedule an appointment. The practice has new patient information on their website to help those who have never visited before to be better prepared for their first appointment.

The dental care facility urges patients to take good care of their oral health, even during lockdown. While many dental clinics are operating at lowered daily hours or with limited staff, Walton Dental Surgery says that their main focus is on the overall health and safety of their patients. They strongly urge anyone who has not seen a dentist in some time to consider scheduling an appointment with them for a thorough dental checkup. Teresa says, "Good oral health is not just attractive, it is a must for overall health. We urge anyone who has a dental issue or problem to contact our dental practice immediately to schedule an appointment.”

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