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Commercial Roofing in Brampton Company Blog Gives Strong Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider Tri-Thermal Roofing (TTR)

February 19, 2021
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Cox Roofing Systems, a popular commercial roofing solutions provider in Brampton, Ontario, has just published a new blog on their website. This newly-posted blog gives strong reasons why businesses with flat or low-sloped roofs would be wise to consider Tri-Thermal Roofing (TTR) as their roof covering of choice. The blog talks about the many ways that this type of roof covering offers an unprecedented number of advantages for those commercial roofing customers that have it installed for them.

The new blog article started by saying that TTR coverings take commercial roofing to a whole new level. That’s because this type of commercial roof covering offers excellent protection and performance. It states that one of the ways this is accomplished is the fact that it combines elements of both spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof coatings and single-ply roof membranes. These are put together using a slow-rise urethane-based adhesive. In the blog, it mentioned that SPF roof coatings have an exceptional reputation on their own as a roof coating and the added single-ply membrane makes it an even more attractive roof covering. One of the benefits of this roof covering that the new blog pointed out is its exceptional insulation value. That’s because it covers an entire commercial roof like a blanket. That can amount to monthly energy savings of up to 25% for most businesses that install TTR.

The new Cox Roofing Systems blog post stated that TTR also tends to be extremely watertight because of the different materials in their composition that form an excellent water barrier. It was mentioned that because the liquid adhesive in TTR will grow to double or triple its size after curing for two or three days, it not only provides insulation value but it will also dampen noise. When the adhesive cures, it forms a cement-like substance that gives TTR coatings exceptional durability. The blog article ended by saying that the crews at Cox Roofing Systems are very skilled when it comes to installing TTR systems and they are always happy to discuss this type of commercial roofing work with a customer.

The company’s expertise at installing this type of commercial roof covering combined with its quality has led to many 5-star customer reviews. George Korganowski states, “We were extremely pleased with the Cox Roofing Systems on our original industrial building. The process of redoing our roof went very well. No problems at all and it was completed in a timely fashion. The extra insulation has been a benefit for all of us in the building. We are saving on both heating and cooling costs. The process of removing the extra weight from the building has now given us another opportunity also. A large solar panel installation will now be erected on our new TTR® roof. This allows our company, ‘Gezak Properties’, even more financial rewards from the electrical output of the solar panels. The roof has worked so well that we are now in the process of doing another one.”

TTR coverings are not the only type of commercial roofing systems that this company offers either. They offer many other flat roof coverings such as those made from Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), more commonly referred to as rubber roofs. These are an economical and easy to apply roofing material that forms a very effective water barrier. Cox Roofing Systems offers the above-mentioned spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof coatings, too, which are also very impactful when used for metal roof restoration. The company offers their trusted commercial roofing solutions in such Ontario areas as Barrie, Belleville, Greater Sudbury, Kitchener, London, Oshawa, Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie, and St. Catharines. Those in Toronto and the surrounding areas that would like more information on the TTR or other roof coverings this commercial roofing in Brampton company offers can call them, send them an email, or fill out the 'Quick Message’ form that’s found on the bottom of their website’s homepage.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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