Clean Group Announces A New Range of Commercial Cleaning Services Amid Covid-19

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Sydney, New South Wales -

Until now, most of the cleaning companies in Australia and in other parts of the world were responsible to provide cleaning and maintenance services to their clients. “If a client needed cleaning before move-in or after a recent construction, we’d go there and do the job.” But, that changed when the pandemic hit the world.

Suji Siv, the owner and CEO of Clean Group, based in Sydney, Australia, was wondering, like many other cleaning service providers, what and how he will manage to keep the business running amid the COVID-19. Then, a thought struck his mind. “Why not upgrade my cleaning services & practices to provide solutions for COVID-19,” he thought. There was an obvious demand for COVID cleaners. People were afraid to work in or live in infected premises and wanted someone to provide a way to maintain safe & germfree workspaces.

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“We started researching the best ways to disinfect and disinfectant products that were effective against the virus. We found many options and started trying them in our work,” he says. “It took some time, but we finally managed to find the most efficient way to disinfect and clean with long-term results.”

And that’s how Clean Group became one of the first cleaning companies in Sydney to offer a complete range of disinfecting & COVID-19 cleaning services. Their Electrostatic Disinfection technique is getting quite famous among the local businesses, who are now confidently running their operations, knowing that their premises are fully safe & germfree, thanks to Clean Group.

Siv says he was mainly motivated by the desire to help keep the local businesses running. At the time, he had no idea how it would transform the business completely. “I just wanted to help my fellow businesses in any way possible. As a small business owner myself, I was very well familiar with the problems of local business owners.” As expected, the company saw an instant surge in the demand for specialist disinfection services. Most of the leads were coming from word of mouth and through the company website. As lockdowns began to ease around July-August and more and more businesses were looking to re-open, the demand for expert disinfection providers kept rising, giving a boost to the Clean Group business.

Before the pandemic, the company was working with limited staff and provided services strictly related to commercial cleaning. It has since doubled its capacity and now has a qualified team dedicated to disinfection cleaning. In addition, they have also upgraded their techniques and resources. For instance, they now focus more on using green cleaning solutions that besides being effective are safe for people and the environment. “One thing that the pandemic has taught us that it’s better to be safe than sorry. The use of harsh chemicals for cleaning can lead to serious health problems, which is why we have a strict no-chemical policy for our cleaners,” says Suji Siv.

Even since the lockdown restrictions are eased in Sydney, businesses including offices, restaurants and retail stores are going above and beyond to ensure their premises are safe for the customers. That means they are spending more on cleaning equipment and services. Experts believe that the demand for disinfection cleaning will continue to surge in the coming months and is expected to change the way cleaning businesses and the industry works.

Clean Group had earlier announced a new range of commercial cleaning services, mostly focused around the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides upgrading their existing equipment and services to meet the new safety guidelines of the local governments, the company has also added many new services and now works with advanced cleaning technologies for optimum results.

The latest & probably the most significant addition to their cleaning services is dedicated disinfection cleaning using the Electrostatic Sprayer technology. The said disinfection method involves the use of an electrostatic spray gun designed for this particular purpose. The sprayer sends electronically charged sanitiser particles on the infected surface, removing up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria, including the COVID-19 virus. It has been TGA approved for providing a guaranteed COVID protection for up to 30 days.

Businesses & property owners looking for COVID-19 disinfection cleaning services can visit the Clean Group website or call their helpline to request a free quote.

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