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Dentist In Andover Offers Invisalign Teeth Straightening Braces During Lockdown

February 04, 2021
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Dental Concepts, based in Andover, UK, is pleased to announce that they will be offering the Invisalign treatment during lockdown. The clinic also reassures the community that the treatments will be conducted with strict adherence to health regulations in order to ensure the safety of patients and staff. The clinic is also offering virtual consultations for clients interested in getting an initial opinion from a cosmetic dentist without leaving the comfort of their home. Learn more here:

The Invisalign treatment utilizes a type of invisible, clear braces or aligners which are used to straighten teeth discreetly, without affecting the daily routine of the patient. These aligners are custom made, comfortable, removable and are replaced every two weeks till the teeth are in the desired position. There are many benefits of invisible braces. Having straight teeth is one such benefit. Not only does it make one’s smile more attractive, but it also leaves no gaps for plaque to build up with time. A pleasant smile also makes an individual feel more confident. Orthodontic treatment is a long-term investment. Fixed permanent retention also ensures that one’s teeth will not shift positions once again after the treatment is completed.

Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible. They are very discreet, so no one may be aware that an individual is even wearing them. This allows for a smooth fit into one’s daily routine and interactions with others. Invisalign aligners are also removable. This gives an individual the flexibility to eat and drink whenever and wherever they wish to by simply removing the aligners. Being able to remove them also allows for ease and comfort when flossing and brushing one’s teeth. This ability to retain a normal routine makes it easy to maintain fresh breath and good oral health. One may visit a dentist in Andover to learn more.

A benefit of Invisalign aligners is the fact that there are no metal brackets or wires like traditional braces. This also means one will be able to avoid the ‘train tracks’ look. In most cases, this results in less time being spent at the Invisalign provider’s practice for any changes needed. To quote the dental practice’s website, “Finally, Invisalign allows you to view your virtual results and treatment plan before you even begin treatment, so you can see how your teeth are expected to look when your treatment is complete.”

The practice makes it a point to provide answers for some frequently asked questions on their website. The first of these is ‘Is it necessary to wear a retainer after completion of the Invisalign treatment?’ The simple answer is yes. Retainers are needed to keep the teeth stable in the new alignment, and the dentist will guide the patient in its proper usage. In most cases, the last aligner tray will be used as a temporary retainer, and the dentist will advise the patient about long term options. Another question is ‘Are there any side effects?’ Invisalign aligners may temporarily affect a person’s speech after they are first fitted, causing a lisp. This lasts for a noticeably short period of time for most and patients get used to the aligners very quickly. The dental practice points out that one may take out the appliance in certain situations (such as giving a speech or for an important meeting). The aligners also do not hamper one’s smile during the correction process, unlike traditional braces. Learn more here:

Some patients may encounter temporary, minor discomfort in the first few days of wearing the new aligners, and this is a normal symptom. It is actually a sign that the aligners have begun to work, steadily moving one’s teeth into the ideal position. The treatment can last anywhere between 6-18 months, and the orthodontist will advise each patient about the best course of treatment. More detailed information can be found on the dental practice’s website.

The Dental Concepts practice has a 5-stage approach to treatment. The first stage is the consultation, where the dentist will explain the best treatment options and also familiarize the patient with the clinic and its team. Stage 2 is a comprehensive dental examination where the dentist will assess the situation and come up with a detailed treatment plan. The dentist will then take measurements of one’s teeth, as well as photographs and X-rays. Stage 4 is where the treatment outcome is explained through 3D models showing the step-by-step changes to one’s teeth. The final stage of Invisalign treatment is being fitted with the aligners and being guided in how to use them.

The Dental Concepts practice is proud to have a caring team of professionals who work together for best results. The professionals are highly trained and focus on the comfort of the patient. All facilities are conveniently available under one’s roof. The clinic also offers a vast range of dental treatments from general treatments (to maintain one’s oral health) and cosmetic dentistry (to improve one’s appearance).

To learn more about the Dental Concepts practice, patients may visit their official website by visiting the link provided in this article. Those who wish to make an appointment or make further enquiries may contact the practice via phone or email.

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