Gainesville Florida Woman Says Going to Detox and Rehab at WhiteSands in Tampa Was the Best Decision of Her Life

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Alicia, a Gainesville Florida resident, recently completed an inpatient treatment program at WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab near Tampa. She describes the choice to seek help at WhiteSands as “a life-altering decision.”

“Going to detox in Plant City was the best choice I could have made for my life and my recovery,” she said. “I absolutely love the staff and my therapist is fantastic.”

Drug Rehab Gainesville

WhiteSands offers the full continuum of addiction treatment directly on their 10-acre Plant City campus, just outside Tampa. Offering all levels of care in one place makes it easy for patients like Alicia to seamlessly graduate from one level of addiction treatment to the next.

For patients who have graduated from detox and residential inpatient care, WhiteSands also operates 19 outpatient treatment centers across the state of Florida. This large network of treatment centers helps WhiteSands ensure patients have easy access to ongoing support for addiction treatment and relapse prevention once they return home.

“After completing my program, I was set up with amazing aftercare and went on to their outpatient in Gainesville,” Alicia said. Read her 5-star review about WhiteSands in Gainesville

Outpatient treatment is a crucial component of successful long term sobriety. It provides much-needed support during the time just after a patient leaves the safe and controlled environment of an inpatient treatment center. This is a vulnerable time when the potential for relapse is especially high, and the consequences are particularly dangerous as the person’s tolerance will be much lower than it was before they entered treatment.

When patients have a solid support network during early recovery, they’re much better equipped to successfully navigate this period. Outpatient treatment provides necessary tools and resources for people as they learn to reintegrate back into daily life without the use of drugs and alcohol. These tools include things like learning healthy coping skills to better manage life’s inevitable stresses without turning to substances as an escape. Another important tool is learning to recognize triggers and how to avoid or manage them before they tempt a person to start using again. And an essential resource gained through outpatient treatment is a close-knit community of individuals who are all facing similar challenges and opportunities.

The strong sober community that’s gained through outpatient treatment brings together recovering addicts with similar goals. It provides a setting where people can come together to support each other in group therapy, twelve-step meetings, alumni outings. One of the greatest challenges for people who’ve returned home from an inpatient treatment program is the need to make new friends who are supportive of recovery and to find new ways to have fun without drugs and alcohol. The support network provided by outpatient treatment is an excellent way to fill both these needs for people in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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