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Auto Injury Chiropractor In Boulder Colorado Announces Emergency Response Available

February 08, 2021
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The Boulder Back Pain Clinic has announced that they are now offering a direct phone number for the clinic’s founder in case of emergency. Dr. Marc Cahn, DC has made this unusual step because he knows that when there has been an automobile accident with injuries, it can be critically important for the patient to be seen quickly and at the very least to be given appropriate health information immediately.

Accordingly, he has published his phone number online for emergencies or after-hours contacts. “We are passionate about what we do, and sometimes people go home after an accident thinking that they can just be seen later when they are risking their health to do so. I would much rather someone call me after hours when their case isn’t urgent, than wait until ‘business hours’ and then have a much harder time physically because of it,” he said. “The company is here to help.”

Dr. Cahn has been a well-known Auto Injury Chiropractor in the area for many years. He added that many people choose to see a chiropractor when they have been hurt in an accident rather than going to a traditional “Western Medical” doctor. He continued, saying, “Often they do this because they are in pain, but they do not want to take strong, addictive painkillers. Chiropractic care works by the doctor making manual adjustments to the patient’s body. Our work is non-invasive, which means no drugs and no surgery.”

The clinic states that they developed an effective "Whole Person Treatment Methodology" that is aimed at getting its patients back to doing what they love quickly and naturally - without costly drugs, surgery, hefty payment plans, or months of rehab. The clinic has been in business for 35 years and has treated more than 15,000 patients in that time period.

Another Doctor at the Boulder Back Pain Clinic, Dr. Aaron Guzik, said, “Our Whole Person Treatment Methodology cuts the typical length of treatment by 50% on average, which saves patients time, money, and stress.”

This whole-person treatment methodology has made the Boulder Back Pain Clinic one of the best known and best reviewed Boulder Chiropractor centers. Dr. Guzik formerly owned and operated the successful Skull & Bones Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon and was the official chiropractor for the Portland Pickles baseball team for three seasons. When he had the opportunity to come to work with Dr. Cahn and to raise his own family in Colorado, he said that he “jumped at the chance.” As an athlete himself he understands the challenges that their bodies must withstand, and he enjoys helping get them back to playing or competing at their absolute best.

In addition to auto injury treatment and back pain treatment, the Boulder Back Pain Clinic also deals with many other soft-tissue injury issues, any type of pain, ear infections, carpal tunnel treatments, and many other ailments or physical challenges.

Dr.Cahn added that many people were not aware that chiropractic care began in the United States in 1895. “It goes back to a Doctor by the name of D.D. Palmer. He performed a spinal adjustment on a partially deaf man. After the adjustment, the patient’s hearing began to improve.” The Chiropractic school Palmer founded afterward still stands today.

Boulder Back Pain Clinic has its own social media presence which can be found at: There is a wealth of useful information to be had there. Useful hints and tips on how chiropractic may help to relieve pain and may even help make winter safer. Its Facebook pages are regularly updated with new articles for its visitors to read.

In addition to many interesting articles there are also testimonials available.

As one patient said, "Dr. Cahn is a great doctor. I went in for lower back pain primarily, which was slow to heal because I kept agitating by working out with heavy weights. It took a little while, but now am almost back to 100%. No pain for the last week. I went in and told him I had a really bad kink in my neck on one visit, and he fixed that completely in 5 minutes."

Anyone interested in finding out more about Boulder Back Pain Clinic and the various services it offers should visit the clinic's website where full details of how to schedule an appointment can be made.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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