Boston School of Boabom Announces Free Online Introductory Classes Heading Into New Year

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The School’s Teachers Hope to Inspire People to Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions By Learning Seamm Jasani and Boabom

Brookline, Massachusetts — The Boston School of Boabom, a community of teachers specializing in the Boabom arts, today announced two free online introductory classes available now that teach the basics of Seamm Jasani and Boabom. By making the classes free and accessible and all, they hope to inspire the public to start the new year off right and keep resolutions dedicated to health, fitness, and emotional wellbeing.

The 20-minute classes will introduce participants to the benefits of Seamm Jasani and Boabom, two ancient non-competitive forms of martial arts that have their roots in Tibet. Participants in the Seamm Jasani class can expect slower, gentler movements while those in the Boabom class will experience fast and powerful moves. Both are led by Yemado, the school’s director, and provide a way for an individual to explore both martial arts techniques from the safety and comfort of their home.

Both Boabom and Seamm Jasani incorporate breathing techniques and physical movements that can help bring stress levels down. The school’s leaders say that learning Boabom, Seamm Jasani, or both compliments New Year’s resolutions that focus on fitness, emotional health, and self care.

“These classes are a great way to get a taste for what Seamm Jasani and Boabom each have to offer and their benefits,” said Yemado. “We’re especially excited to offer them heading into the new year because they’re great for individuals looking to make resolutions to be more physically active, beat stress, focus on themselves, or to simply learn something new in 2021. Many people put too much pressure on themselves by making New Year’s resolutions that are too big and that they end up not being able to keep. But most people are able to stick to an online class once or twice a week, and there are real benefits to practicing over time, including weight-loss, better strength and balance, and increased calm and resiliency.”

Both classes are available to stream now. Registration is free although participants are welcome to make a donation to The Boston School of Boabom if they wish. The only requirement is to wear comfortable clothing and be ready to take the class in an area that provides enough space to comfortably move your arms and legs. No prior experience in Seamm Jasani or Boabom is necessary.

The Boston School of Boabom started offering free introductory classes in the Boabom arts earlier this year as a response to the COVID pandemic and having to put live group classes on hold. With many people still working from home during the pandemic or limiting their amount of time away from home, the school hopes the free introductory classes will spark more interest into the Boabom arts.

“By offering quick introductory classes in each form of martial art, we hope to help people make a decision about which one is right for them, if not both,” said Yemado. “These classes will help you feel more centered, lower your stress level, and can even help you sleep better in the new year. And all it takes is 20 minutes once or twice a week to enjoy the benefits!”

To register for the classes, visit

To learn more about The Boston School of Boabom, visit

About The Boston School of Boabom

The Boston School of Boabom is a community of teachers specializing in the Arts of Boabom, a teaching based on an ancient system of relaxation, meditation, breathing, and defense with origins going back to pre-Buddhist Tibet. Boabom combines active relaxation, meditation in movement, and defense techniques, all in a no-contact, non-competitive environment.

Its instructors work together to create a positive and respectful environment that is open to all.

The school offers classes for children, adults, and seniors in a friendly, positive atmosphere.

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About Boston School of Boabom :

Discover the medieval fighting styles Seamm Jasani and Boabom at the Boston School of Boabom. These non-competitive, non-contact forms of fighting styles help you improve agility, balance, and focus while dissolving stress. Visit our free initial classes.

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Benjamin Kelley

33A Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02445, United States


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