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Nashville Car Accident Chiropractor Offers Tips To Handle Medical Bills From Car Accidents

January 12, 2021
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Advanced Injury Care Clinic in Nashville, TN, has come up with tips to handle medical bills after a car accident. A recent article posted by the car accident chiropractic clinic states how a serious auto accident can impact the life of the victim, from physical pain to mental distress and financial stress. The Nashville car accident chiropractic clinic says that medical bills can be expensive and can run into thousands of dollars for the victim. Medical bills for severe car accident injuries could be astronomical. The at-fault driver’s insurance is responsible for paying all the medical bills for injuries suffered in a car crash due to someone else’s negligence.

The article discusses the best ways for a victim to handle medical bills after a car accident, stressing the importance of relying on self-insurance or Medicare immediately after the crash. When an accident is caused by someone else’s fault, their insurance should pay for the victim’s medical bills. But, the Nashville car accident injury doctor asserts that the at-fault party’s insurance won’t “pay until you've reached a settlement. They will likely offer you a settlement pretty quickly, and it can be tempting to take the money and run. But you should never accept an offer too soon in your treatment.”

The auto accident injury chiropractor in Nashville advises investigating the extent of injuries sustained during the car crash before accepting any settlement, warning that running away with the first offer by the insurance company could mean paying any new medical bills out of pocket. The article admits that a full-fledged settlement can take a long time. Most personal injury cases are settled when the medical treatment is over, and the auto accident attorney has all the medical records that are submitted to the insurance company for review. This is the right way to get maximum compensation to cover medical costs, affirms the top Nashville chiropractor.

“And, negotiations are much easier when all the unknown variables have been eliminated. This ensures that both sides get a complete picture of the accident to negotiate from.”

A car accident victim in Nashville with reliable health insurance is eligible for reimbursement for their medical bills by their insurer after the settlement is received. “Your insurance company will also want to be reimbursed for their payments, so they will get a chunk of your settlement amount to cover the treatment they paid for.”

The Nashville auto accident doctor suggests using Med Pay insurance to cover medical expenses while stressing the need to hire a personal injury lawyer for the settlement process. “They will make sure your medical expenses are taken care of and that everything is done the most legally and efficiently way possible. Trying to handle your medical expenses and handle the insurance companies by yourself after a car wreck can be very challenging.”

The best Nashville auto accident doctor can give the victim the right type of medical care needed after a car crash. The article emphasizes hiring the top chiropractor to help with treatment and recovery and a personal injury attorney to take care of the medical bill settlement process.

Advanced Injury Care Clinic can refer auto accident victims to the best Nashville car accident attorney so they can get the help needed in a car accident injury lawsuit and receive the best compensation for medical expenses. The top auto accident chiropractors at Advanced Injury Care Clinic have been treating car crash victims for decades by providing the right type of care to speed up their recovery process.

Any victim of an auto accident in Nashville should schedule a free consultation with Advanced Injury Care Clinic at or call 615-265-0412.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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