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EPS Landscaping Offers Irrigation System Services In Pembroke Pines, Florida

January 12, 2021
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EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC, a landscaping company in Florida, is offering irrigation system services in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The company has a 5-star rating on its Google My Business page.

Sprinkler systems are made of three main components. They are the pipes, the pump, and the sprinklers. The irrigation system pump is the power behind the sprinkler system, it draws water from the source and directs it through the system. The irrigation system pipes are what brings the water to different areas of the yard. The size of the water pump is influenced by how the length of pipes and the number of sprinklers that are a part of the irrigation system.

irrigation system services in Pembroke Pines

The company says that there is usually a night and day difference between the lawns that use irrigation systems and those that don’t due to the harshness of the weather in Florida. This is especially true in areas of hot and humid weather like Broward County which is right next to the ocean. A proper, well-managed system can prevent issues like overwatering, underwatering, uneven watering, mushy lawns, and inefficient water use. A properly configured system will also help property owners save on water utility bills while getting a visually stunning and pleasant lawn at the same time.

The company recommends installing rain sensors for the accurate determination of water in the yard. In Florida, since some parts of the year are wet due to rain, rain sensors are a good idea since they can help save water. The rain sensors will only turn on the sprinklers when the yard is dry and moisture is required. This can help save on water as it turns off the system when it rains or when the moisture is adequate. The company says that a system like that may seem like a luxury but it will pay itself off in a couple of years due to savings in the water bill.

The company’s modus operandi starts with a survey of the property. A technician from the company will come over to the property and run basic tests to determine which parts of the lawn require water and how much water is needed based on the plant matter. They can even help customers repair existing systems. If the customer decides to install a new sprinkler system, the technician will then lay out a plan that requires the least amount of trenches to be dug. This will make sure that the yard is damaged very minimally. The company says that sod in the yard can be removed for construction and replaced afterward, leaving an almost untouched yard with no signs of installation.

The company says that many properties in Broward County have lawn sprinkler systems already installed. It says that its technicians can check an existing system for efficiency so that they use the right amount of water. This will make the current systems greener and more environment friendly. The company recommends routine inspections and maintenance to keep the irrigation system running optimally. An often encountered problem in the field is the accumulation of sediment, leaves, or other debris in the irrigation system. Regular checkups can help avoid such build-up and prevent costly replacements further down the road. Another problem the company encounters is accidental physical damage to the sprinkler channels or pipes that might lead to malfunction or leaks, upsetting the delicate balance of water levels in the yard. In case there are sections of piping that experience regular wear and tear, they can be replaced with flexible tubing to reduce the chances of it breaking again. The water pump is another point of failure that can lead to the yard not getting enough water.

A review of the company’s service by JC says, “Highly recommend!!! Great folks to deal with. Very professional, easy to deal with, very punctual, great and fast work (very detailed and professional), and great price!! Will be using it for all my other properties and family properties as well.”

The company can be contacted at its phone number (954) 980-9003 or its email address

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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