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Dentist In Andover Announces Private Dental Treatments During Covid Lockdown

January 20, 2021
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Andover, United Kingdom-based Dental Concepts is pleased to announce that they are continuing to provide private cosmetic dental treatments during the lockdown. Dental Concepts assures their community that they take all mandatory safety precautions to ensure the health and wellbeing of their patients and staff. More information can be found on the Dental Concepts website:

Dental Concepts is a private dental practice that specializes in offering a variety of treatments, such as dental implants, Invisalign, dental veneers and smile makeovers. In Andover, they offer private dental treatments to patients (while following the best practice standards set by the department of health regarding infection control and cleanliness). Dental Concepts has a professional team that works together to achieve the best result. This team of dental clincians is assisted and supported by an excellent team of nurses and treatment coordinators that is dedicated to helping patients have a comfortable journey.

Dentist in Andover

One of the most popular treatments that Dental Concepts offers is teeth whitening. Teeth can lose their natural white shade due to stains caused by the foods and drinks that people consume. They can also darken when people smoke. There are several methods through which teeth whitening can be done, including various over-the-counter whitening products that offer buyers options from whitening toothpastes and rinses to whitening strips and other types of at-home treatments. People can even choose to get teeth whitening treatments at beauty salons. However these treatments are done by people who do not have the necessary training and qualifications needed to carry them out. This does not only put an individual’s oral health in danger, it is also illegal. It is much better to receive teeth whitening treatments at qualified dental clinics, such as Dental Concepts. Fortunately, the teeth whitening services that Dental Concepts offers can change and restore the color of the teeth safely to further enhance the beauty of a person’s smile.

Dental Concepts uses the Enlighten Evolution Premium Whitening treatment for their teeth whitening treatments. The Enlighten Evolution Premium Whitening consists of a combination of 2 weeks of home treatment and a 1 hour visit to the dentist. This dental procedure uses oxygen to break down stain molecules and increase teeth permeability. Enlighten Whitening is considered one of the best teeth whitening treatments in terms of performance since it can lead to up to 16 shades of whitening. The results also last for a long time, as long as the treatment is executed well and proper maintenance is undertaken by the patient.

Dental Concepts offers other services, such as dental implant treatments, dental porcelain veneers, smile makeovers and more. Complete details about their services can be found on their website. Interested parties can also stay updated with the news and announcements from Dental Concepts here:

Dental Concepts has received excellent reviews for their dental treatments. Michael H. says in a 5-Star Google review, “Phoned in an emergency after extreme pain and my regular dentist not caring that four more days was unmanageable, having rang several others that only seemed concerned about booking me in for a check. To my delight and surprise this was no problem for them. Their only concern was that I was in extreme pain, and despite antibiotics and painkillers, this had not subsided for 72 hours. I was asked to come in immediately for an X-ray and immediate extraction. No one likes the dentist, but I officially love this team now. I will be recommending them to family, friends and all those who read this review.”

Lucy H. says in another Google review, “Recently, my 62-year-old 'milk tooth' broke off, leaving me with the dread of having the root taken out. Manish was amazing, knowing me from previous treatments. He explained that he would build a new tooth on the remains of my old one. The work was done in an hour, the result was amazing. I couldn't tell the difference from the one next to it. No pain, no stress and truly wonderful just before Christmas to have my smile back. Manish is an amazing person and outstanding dentist. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Dental Concepts to anyone, especially nervous or anxious patients.”

Those looking for a top dentist in Andover may check out Dental Concepts’ website for more details. Patients may also contact the dental office directly to schedule an appointment. Driving instructions to Dental Concepts in Andover can be obtain here:

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About Dental Concepts Andover:

Dental Concepts is a private dental practice in Andover, Hampshire, UK, specialising in many dental treatments including dental implants, Invisalign, dental vaneers and smile makeovers. Patients get premium care, latest cure and absolute comfort.

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