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Clean Group Stresses Importance of Professional Cleaners for the Office

December 30, 2020
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Clean Group, an Australian based professional cleaning company, wants to emphasize the importance of cleaning professionals for the office, especially during this time when a pandemic is ongoing. They can offer cleaning services for a variety of offices, such as corporate offices, gyms, schools, medical centres, churches, childcare centres, warehouses, hospitals, and more.

The most obvious reason for ensuring a clean office or workplace is to stop the spread of infections. With the COVID-19 situation, this has become even more important. A number of common items in an office are hotspots for bacteria, viruses and germs that could cause sickness. Ensuring that the office is cleaned and disinfected regularly is essential to keep employees healthy and happy. And while cleaning and disinfecting may be done in-house, having cleaning professionals do this job will ensure cleaning and disinfecting that comply with health standards. Businesses would also have peace of mind knowing that the cleaning and disinfecting will be done at the appropriate intervals.

Clean Group Team

Professional office cleaning can also enhance safety in the workplace. For instance, ensuring proper floor cleaning and care can help prevent wet and slippery floors that could lead to accidents and injuries. And, of course, a clean and orderly office environment will tend to make office staff feeling good and happy. This is because an office that is not kept clean will naturally look untidy and disorderly, aside from the possibility of having unpleasant odours assaulting the sense of smell of employees and visitors. The professional office cleaners from the Clean Group can make sure that the office offers a clean and accident-free environment.

Suji Siv, CEO and owner of the Clean Group, says, “In today’s business environment, cleanliness has become a top concern because of the ongoing pandemic. And even if there was no COVID-19, having a professionally cleaned office is vital in ensuring that visitors, such as potential clients and business partners, will be impressed when they come to the office.”

There are a number of factors that make the Clean Group stand out among the other cleaning companies in the area. These include: their more than 50 reliable and hardworking cleaning professionals; their over 20 years of experience in the cleaning business; their ability to provide services to more than 100 suburbs in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria; in-depth experience in cleaning large fitness centres and gyms; in-depth knowledge in the maintenance of retail stores, storefronts, and big industrial warehouses; ability to make sure that hospitals and medical centres are germ-free; ability provide quality maintenance of buildings, apartments, and strata; capacity to comply with the stringent cleaning requirements of large factories; ability to take care of specialized cleaning programs for day care centres, schools, and universities; and ability to provide pressure cleaning and outdoor maintenance.

To ensure high quality cleaning, they utilise quality and advanced cleaning tools, equipment and processes. For instance, they use HEPA multi-filtration vacuum cleaning to ensure a more than acceptable indoor air quality for the office. And they use the advanced i-mop floor scrubber to provide faster and more thorough cleaning compared to the use of a wet mop. This is because tests have ascertained that the twin counter-rotating brushes of the i-mop can provide 90 percent cleaner floors and other surfaces. It also has colour-coded accessories to avoid cross-contamination. And with its advanced suction technology, practically all of the cleaning solution and any liquid on the floor are extracted, leaving a clean and dry floor.

The cleaning professionals from the Clean Group primarily use Viraclean as the cleaning solution. This is an environmentally friendly product that has been certified to be capable of killing a wide variety of germs, bacteria, and viruses, such as the flu virus, hepatitis B virus, herpes simplex virus, and more.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services offered by the professional cleaners from the Clean Group in Australia may want to visit the Clean Group website or contact them on the phone or via email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Clean Group is a company that takes pride in providing one of the best commercial cleaning services in Australia. We are here to offer you a staff of experienced, friendly, reliable and trustworthy professionals, who take pleasure in the cleaning services

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