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Backyard Bug Patrol Releases Blog Post Explaining The Three Most Common Types of Ticks in Cheltenham, MD

December 29, 2020
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Great Falls, Virginia -

Backyard Bug Patrol, a pest extermination service operating in Maryland and Virginia, has released a blog post detailing the three most common types of ticks found in Cheltenham, MD. Customers can follow the service’s Facebook page to keep up with other informative articles.

According to the article, ticks are often described as dangerous bloodsuckers as they extract blood from the host and bring the risk of disease. The article goes further to describe how small arachnids, which happen to be between 3mm and 5mm long in their adulthood, live dangerous lives, waiting in the wild for a host. 90 species of ticks exist in the United States alone with 900 species existing worldwide. Only a few of the species are known to bite and infect their host with diseases. The author says that Maryland is home to just three types. They are the American dog tick, the black-legged tick, and the lone star tick.

The author says that the American dog tick’s name is associated with dogs but it also attacks other animals like cattle. It is also known as a wood tick. It is a member of the hard ticks because its body structure is made up of a hard exterior body shield. The author then quotes information about the tick from its source, Ticklab, a Pennsylvania tick research lab. It says that research has shown the dog tick to initiate questing behavior in high light intensity environments with low relative humidity. This questing behavior is similar to the black-legged tick, as they will typically climb up grass or vegetation and outstretch their legs waiting for an animal to pass by. The American dog tick feeds on small animals such as rats and mice in its early stages, but adults are attracted to larger animals. Despite its name, the American dog tick is also a threat to humans because of the pathogens it carries. Adult females are most likely to bite humans. In case of a tick infestation, customers can contact the Backyard Bug Patrol by visiting its Google My Business page

The author further states that the black-legged tick, also known as the deer tick, is famous for spreading the well-known Lyme disease. It also has the name “deer tick” because it is commonly found on the white-tail deer. The article then quotes Ticklab saying, the black-legged tick is responsible for spreading Lyme disease among other diseases to both humans and animals. Unlike a few of the other species, the deer tick is present during the spring, summer, and fall seasons, increasing the chances of being bit. Another fact about the deer tick is that both young and adult ticks will bite.

The author then talks about the lone star tick by saying that a bite from the lone star tick can lead to an allergic reaction to red meat. This happens even though red meat allergy is not common. Also although the Lone star has the bacterium that causes Lyme disease, it is not able to infect its host with it. Quoting Ticklab the author says, lone star ticks favor brushy cover in hedges and over-grown fields and forests with lots of understories. The larval, nymph, and adult stages of the tick all need to feed on blood to develop to their next stage of life. While deer ticks heavily favor mice and white-tailed deer for their blood meals, lone star ticks are willing to take their blood anywhere they can find it, including dogs and cats. Once attached, they can feed as long as eight to ten days on humans. Once an adult female has fed, she lays up to 5,000 eggs on the ground and dies.

Backyard Bug Patrol offers services such as mosquito control, tick control, perimeter rodent control, and green indoor pest control. The company has a rating of 4.5 from over 20 reviews on its Yelp page which can be viewed here

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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