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Pathways Recovery Publishes New Blog on Meth Sores: Appearance and Treatment

December 21, 2020
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Roseville, CA: Pathways Recovery is an addiction treatment center for drug and alcohol use. Located just outside of Sacramento, Pathways Recovery takes a unique approach to substance use treatment and recovery with highly individualized programming that is specifically designed to cater to men who struggle with addiction. It is the premier addiction recovery program for men in Northern California.

The residential program at Pathways is kept small, typically allowing no more than six men to join at a time, in order to promote a secure environment where the clients can feel comfortable sharing their own experiences and engage in learning that will allow them to live a substance free life.

what are meth sores

Their continuum of care includes a medically-supervised detoxification program, alcohol and drug residential treatment for men, intensive outpatient program, and a family education program. Currently, Pathways Recovery offers various treatment program lengths that range from 28 to 90 days, depending on the needs of the client.

Pathways has a unique approach to substance use disorder treatment. Many of their efforts are focused on promoting overall health and well-being, instead of choosing to only treat the symptoms of addiction and its repercussions. The Pathways curriculum offers its clients a chance at living an entirely new, healthier lifestyle. The treatment center promotes physical and mental well-being, offering their clients opportunities to exercise and learn about addiction and healthy eating habits.

Good nutritional habits are especially important to the philosophy of this treatment center. Detox nutrition is emphasized in the center’s curriculum. Pathways Recovery explains on their website that superfood meals and snacks are provided to begin clients on a journey to healthy habits and foods.

On their blog, Pathways regularly provides visitors to their website with information about the side effects of drug use and other complications from addiction. The recent blog about meth sores is a topic that Pathways notes might be discussed in drug education programs at schools. These programs sometimes show students pictures of physical side effects of drug use such as bloodshot eyes or sores on the skin.

The Pathways blog takes a close look at meth sores in a regular meth user. These sores are often caused by obsessive picking at the skin or through side effects as a result of regular meth use. The publication explains that some meth users will experience hallucinations of what are known as “meth mites.”

A common hallucination includes seeing these meth mites, some kind of insect, crawling around or underneath a user’s skin. Some hallucinations will only include a sensation of crawling insects. Nevertheless, a user will continuously pick at their skin in order to try and relieve the crawling sensation.

The blog also highlights how physical changes can result in mouth sores. Regular meth users will experience dehydration, this includes a noticeable reduction in saliva production. Pathways explains that saliva is a crucial part of neutralizing natural acids and bacteria in the mouth. Without saliva as a buffer, the acid and bacteria can begin to wear down and eat into a person’s teeth and gums.

Perhaps the most pressing consequence of meth sores is the potential for developing an infection. Infected sores can invite unwanted bacteria into the body, leaving the possibility open to spreading infection throughout the body. Infected sores will require medical attention and can take a long time to heal without any medical intervention. If an infected sore is not attended to, Pathways warns users that their overall good health could be at risk.

Pathways Recovery offers men a chance to turn their life around from substance use and addiction through holistic programs that are individualized to every client. Those who are interested in learning more about the treatment of meth sores or wish to seek addiction treatment at Pathways Recovery can learn more by visiting their website or contacting a counselor at (916) 435-7455.

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About Pathways Recovery:

At Pathways Recovery, our mission is to deliver highly personalized, gender-specific addiction treatment. Our center is located in the Sacramento region of northern California. We believe that each person is unique with a unique set of life circumstances.

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