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Hard Drive Recovery Group Explores The Best Alternatives To Google Play Music

June 04, 2021
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Irvine, California-based Hard Drive Recovery Group (HDRG) is reaching out to the community to share their insight in a new article, titled ‘What To Do With Google Play Music’s Departure.’ It is now available on the company’s blog.

Google Play Music, the streaming service, has been shut down partially since October, with Google canceling billing cycles for all of their subscribers. This was announced back in August, and users will have until the end of the year to migrate their data before it is lost completely.

"The departure of the music streaming platform caught many of its users by surprise, leaving them at a loss on what other options they can use now that Google Play Music is a thing of the past," says Maureen Davies, a representative of Hard Drive Recovery Group. While there are several alternatives to this platform, he expects that users will have a difficult time choosing a fitting candidate.

Davies continues, "It is important that you know the different benefits that each of these apps has to offer. By narrowing down your options, you'll be able to choose based on convenience, functionality and affordability."

Through their blog post, Hard Drive Recovery Group lists four of the most popular music streaming platforms, starting with Spotify. As one of the pioneers of music streaming, Spotify continues to be one of the most popular music streaming platforms, with one of the largest libraries of music. Spotify's subscriptions offer unlimited, ad-free access to all of the content on their platform. This is not only limited to music, as podcasts and video podcasts are also available to both premium and non-premium users.

Apple Music is also one of the best alternatives to Google Play Music, rivaling Spotify in popularity and being the top competitor for the title of best music streaming platform. Apple has been recruiting new users more aggressively than ever over the past few years, going as far as to give free access to Apple Music for the first three months for new users. The key advantage that Apple Music has to offer over Spotify is the ability to combine the songs already owned by the user with the Apple Music streaming catalog. Siri, Apple's voice recognition program, is also well-integrated with the application, offering robust voice controls for playback. Aside from this, Apple Music offers functions similar to Spotify, serving music to users based on their listening habits, with several radio stations manned by human DJs to choose from.

Another alternative to Google Play Music is Plex's music streaming service. While the company is most known as an arena to stream popular movies and TV shows, they have recently expanded their offerings, diving into the music streaming industry. Davies says, "If you miss the days when MTV was about music videos, then Plex may be the right option for you. Plex Live TV subscribers are now able to stream music videos from 19 of Loop Media’s music channels, which include Top Charting Singles, Hip Hop and Country."

As their last recommendation, the Hard Drive Recovery Group suggest using Tidal, a music streaming service that is rising in popularity thanks to the support of big-name artists from the music industry. This is currently one of the few platforms where artists provide users with exclusive content, making this one of the most alluring characteristics of the platform.

While Google gave its users enough time in advance to prevent them from losing valuable information, this is not always the case when it comes to data loss. Hard Drive Recovery Group reminds the community that their team is always standing by to provide assistance with recovering lost data from their devices.

The company's website offers more details on Hard Drive Recovery Group and their services. Interested parties may also reach out to Maureen Davies to follow up on any inquiries via email or phone, though they can also get in touch with the company through the contact form on their site. They may also visit the company's social media pages to communicate with the team and stay up to date with their latest news.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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