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Fleet Cost And Care, Makers Of Mobile Fleet Management Apps, Share The Benefits Of Its Flagship Software

December 16, 2020
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Fleet Cost and Care, a Detroit based fleet management consultants company that offers software solutions for customers in the crane and rigging and heavy equipment industries, is sharing the benefits of its mobile fleet management apps.

Fleet Cost & Care claims that its range of state-of-the-art mobile apps allows businesses to effectively manage their vehicles from anywhere on the go. The company says businesses that utilize work vehicles on a regular basis, will want to make sure that all data during the workday is effectively stored for analysis. It claims that businesses can continue to function optimally and turn a profit every quarter by effectively contracting with knowledgeable mobile fleet maintenance software companies.

Fleet Cost & Care says that there are several ways to effectively manage an entire fleet of vehicles. Its mobile fleet management apps, can immediately access data points and assign work to employees from a tablet or smartphone. Whether the business is heavily involved with construction, equipment rental, or any other field that requires a commercial fleet of vehicles, they will be able to examine crucial data electronically to make sure everything is running as it should. It claims that all of its fleet management apps are rigorously designed with an effective interface so that all crucial tasks can be completed with just a few gestures.

The company claims that its heavy equipment fleet inventory software can also help with safety. Businesses can use professionally designed apps to make sure that vehicles receive regular maintenance. Ensuring that the engine, tires, and battery are in pristine shape will prevent mishaps and save money on fuel in the long run. Well-designed software for heavy equipment owners can help businesses keep careful maintenance records. That way they will know when certain trucks need to be serviced. All vehicles, of course, should be properly registered and insured when being used in any kind of capacity.

The company’s Atom mobile app can be used for assigning key job tasks to certain vehicles working on time-sensitive projects. Construction projects, for example, are likely to involve a broad array of both light and heavy vehicles, each of which will be performing different jobs. Assigning tasks to drivers in real-time will ensure that each project moves to a more efficient conclusion. In nearly all cases, construction projects will move through a series of steps that must take place in a particular order. Road grading and paving will always, for instance, come before line striping. If a company is working on multiple projects in two different areas on the same day, then ensuring that each truck is at the proper location is vital. Mobile fleet management apps for construction can make life easier for all that are involved in the construction project.

The company claims that fleet management software can ultimately help businesses remain in excellent financial shape. According to Fleet Cost & Care, the best mobile fleet apps allow employees to do their jobs in a more effective manner. In fact, because this software will keep projects organized, employees will be able to keep to their job tasks without worrying about some of the extraneous details. A company that can offer clearly defined primary and secondary goals to their employees will usually be able to beat the competition. Men and women who work at well-run businesses will also be more likely to remain there for longer periods of time, which leads to less turnover and higher profits.

The company says, in summary, that fleet maintenance software can help in a variety of ways and offer enormous benefits. Business owners can keep track of fuel usage, employee location, vehicle maintenance, and much more. The applications that accompany Fleet Costs & Care software are easy to use and allow departments to work closely with each other to develop a streamlined approach.

Jeff Curran, a spokesperson for the company, says, “We offer the only comprehensive fleet operations system available. We are more than just a dispatching tool. We are a comprehensive operations system and technology partner. Renting heavy equipment involves much more than just scheduling a job and dispatching equipment. With our software, you empower your employees and operations to run more smoothly, with limited interruptions and issues, leading to a more efficient and profitable business.”

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Fleet Cost & Care:

Fleet Cost & Care offers the most comprehensive fleet management software & mobile app on the market. Serving customers worldwide since 1993, we help heavy equipment rental companies simplify and systemize their day-to-day operations.

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