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Son Reaches Out to WhiteSands Addiction Treatment Center in Tampa for Help for his Mother Struggling with Alcohol Abuse

December 10, 2020
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Tampa, FL - Chris was deeply concerned about his mother’s alcohol consumption when he decided he needed to reach out for help. He called WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Tampa, FL for guidance on how to get her into treatment.

“She was in Tampa the next day, and she absolutely loved the campus, staff, and amenities,” he said.

Fortunately for Chris and his mom, WhiteSands is an award-winning addiction treatment center that has helped thousands of people make a full and lasting recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. They offer all levels of care from medical detox and inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment and aftercare for relapse prevention. For Chris’ mom, it was just the kind of supportive environment she needed.

“We are happy to say when Mom got back home, she was a new person and continues to work on her sobriety through the WhiteSands outpatient program; they are just simply the best,” Chris said. Read the 5 star review for the Tampa treatment center.

WhiteSands’ mission is to always make patients’ betterment their number one priority. The alcohol and drug rehab center is guided by the philosophy that when patients are happy and comfortable, they do better treatment.

WhiteSands offer some unique amenities and features to help ensure the comfort of their guests. Each patient gets their own private room and personal bathroom with access to the internet and TV. Cell phones and laptops are allowed in patients’ rooms at the end of the day so they can keep in touch with family. The alcohol and drug rehab is set on a beautiful 10-acre campus that features walking paths, fountains, pavilions, and an outdoor grill area with picnic tables and lounge seating.

An especially unique feature of WhiteSands is their brand new recreation center and athletics complex. Patients can work out with personal trainers, take yoga classes, and even train with professional boxing trainers in their regulation-sized boxing ring. The boxing program is a favorite among patients at WhiteSands. They report that having a physical way to release emotions at the end of a long day of therapy makes a huge difference in their mental and emotional state.

Alcohol abuse is a pervasive issue on a national level. Since alcohol is legal, readily available, and socially accepted in our society, it’s easy for people to fall prey to its highly addictive nature. The normalization of alcohol can also make it hard to detect when a person has crossed the line into alcohol abuse and addiction.

Treatment for alcohol addiction at WhiteSands typically begins with a period of medically assisted detox. Alcohol is a drug that creates a physical dependence. That means that when an alcoholic stops drinking they will experience withdrawal symptoms that range from uncomfortable to life-threatening. It’s important for someone who’s been drinking heavily for a long time to quit drinking in a professional detox environment. The medical staff at WhiteSands provides round the clock monitoring during detox to ensure the safety and comfort of their patients. Medications and fluids can be administered as needed to help mitigate withdrawal symptoms and keep them at bay.

Once a person has completed detox, their rehabilitation treatment can begin. WhiteSands has a team of full-time addictionologist and psychiatrists on site. This team helps to determine if an underlying mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, or bipolar disorder may be a driving force behind a patient’s addiction. If a mental health disorder is diagnosed, then dual-diagnosis treatment will address the co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders healing the root causes of addiction.

Addiction treatment at WhiteSands is individualized and personalized for each patient. Patients work one-on-one with their primary therapist and also in a variety of group therapy sessions tailored to meet their unique needs.

WhiteSands’ full continuum of treatment supports patients through all phases of their recovery. Once patients complete a period of inpatient treatment they are ready for outpatient care. WhiteSands operates outpatient addiction treatment centers in 19 cities and towns across the state of Florida making ongoing care easily accessible to clients close to home. Outpatient treatment supports patients as they make the important transition back to home and family life with work and other responsibilities. Through outpatient treatment, patients connect with a strong support network in their community. They continue to receive group and individual counseling as well as ongoing relapse prevention support.

For families like Chris’, effective quality addiction treatment is critical and transformative. If anyone is struggling with substance abuse, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. WhiteSands provides addiction treatment to more than 2,000 patients annually. With a commitment to the highest standards of care, safety, and comfort, they have successfully treated more than 10,000 Americans struggling with substance abuse since their founding in 2014. Their team of caring staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you get into treatment right away. Call their confidential line at (877) 309-5677.

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