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Commercial Cleaning Company Recreates Website Dedicated Towards Best-in-Class Cleaning Services for Businesses in Australia

November 30, 2020
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Clean Group ( ), a full-service commercial cleaning company based out of Sydney and with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, is in the process of restructuring its website to meet the increasing demand for high-end dedicated commercial cleaning professionals. The new website of Clean Group details the various cleaning services provided by the company and also shares useful tips, guides and news via the company blog. This intends to help meet the increasing users’ expectations for best quality cleaning in a budget.

“The demand for sophisticated yet affordable cleaners is increasing by the day. Since we are one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in Sydney, we assume the responsibility of providing our customers with the best services in line with their expectations, which is why we are working on a new website design that will have many upgrades, including a dedicated company blog and a more impressive design with new features. Also, we are upgrading our services to meet the latest industry standards, including improved sanitation. For details, you can contact our team on 1300 141 946,” says Clean Group owner and CEO, Suji Siv.

Commercial Cleaning

It’s not a surprise that most businesses in and around Sydney have employed either untrained or unverified cleaners for the cleaning of their premises. It can be because of the cheap rates or simply because the owners don’t care enough about cleaning. But, the importance of keeping a commercial place clean cannot be simply ignored. After all, it’s a matter of the health safety of both the workers and the customers. Also, there are laws that require local businesses in Australia to maintain the basic cleaning in their premises, which is even more crucial in sensitive places such as hospitals and childcare centres.

Clean Group having huge experience in commercial cleaning with specialization in the cleaning of childcare centres, offices and hospitals is best-suited to meet the ever-changing safe cleaning needs of Australian businesses. Moreover, they are constantly upgrading their strategies and providing their cleaners with training in advanced cleaning techniques to always stay on top of customer’s demands.

Besides regular cleaning of commercial premises, including offices, retail stores, schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc. throughout the city, the company now also provides disinfection cleaning service that includes the complete disinfection of a place to kill all kinds of viruses, germs and bacteria. In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, this particular service of the Clean Group is seeing huge demand. Both commercial property owners and offices planning to re-open after the COVID lockdown are looking for reliable cleaning and disinfection services. Companies like Clean Group are working to meet the increasing demand with on-time solutions & services.

Being one of the oldest and reliable cleaning companies, Clean Group is known to provide quality services with 100% satisfactory results. They have in-house cleaners who have experience and ability to pay attention to detail when cleaning a commercial facility. For instance, when cleaning an office, they will not just clean the floors and dust the furniture as most other cleaners do. But, they will carefully plan and clean each area to achieve the best cleaning results to make the place not only look clean but also smell fresh and be safe for everyone around. Their cleaning service covers the cleaning of outdoor areas, lifts, kitchens, toilets, dust bins, etc., which are mostly ignored by other cleaners. On top of that, they also provide disinfection services, which involves the complete disinfection of frequent-touch areas/surfaces such as doorknobs, handles, countertops, lift buttons, phone receivers, keyboards, desks, chairs, etc.

“We are seeing constant changes in the way people want the cleaning of their premises done. Nowadays, the focus is more on cleaning for health rather than cleaning for just to make the place look good. To meet the changing criteria, we are also constantly upgrading our techniques and training our cleaners in the state-of-the-art cleaning practices and providing tools & resources that are not only effective but also safe,” says Suji Siv. “Here at Clean Group, we are committed to helping our fellow businesses stay safe & keep operating in hygienic conditions.”

Businesses looking for a comprehensive & reliable commercial cleaning service provider in Sydney can visit Clean Group website to request a free quote.

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