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Maggie Flanigan Studio 18-Month Program To Begin In The First Week Of January

November 30, 2020
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New York, New York -

Maggie Flanigan Studio, a New York-based acting studio, is pleased to announce that their 18-month acting programs will start in the first week of January. This program allows students who choose to enroll to complete the 2-year program in 18 months instead, finishing by June 2022. The first semester will be conducted over 10 weeks (or 20 classes), beginning on the 6th of January and ending on the 17th of March, 2021.

The 18-month program is essentially an accelerated version of the 2-year professional Meisner training program. As the studio says, “Our 18-month acting program provides the complete progression of Meisner training along with the entire conservatory program in only 18 months instead of 24. Beginning in January and running through the end of July, this accelerated approach is possible because we remove the holiday and summer breaks that come with the full two-year acting program. Taught by our senior acting teacher Karen Chamberlain, this program option allows our students the ability to study with both Karen and then Charlie Sandlan in their second year.”

The program is perfect for international students who may be interested in pursuing the full acting conservatory program on an M1 Visa. The Wednesday evening and Saturday morning schedule is great for students who have to balance a full time job and training. Many of Maggie Flanigan Studio’s students move to NYC in late summer and early fall, which makes January a very convenient time to move, find work and get used to living in New York City.

The 18-month program will be taught by Karen Chamberlain, who holds an MFA in Acting from Rutgers University where she studied under William Esper and Maggie Flanigan (after whom the studio is named). Chamberlain has held a number of positions as an acting teacher and now shares what her years of experience have taught her. She recently released a YouTube video talking about her philosophy when it comes to teaching. One of her students shares that, “Karen unlocked who I am. I'm not afraid of striking out anymore, because I know that the work is beneath me. Emotionally, I have completely changed."

A number of serious actors view Maggie Flanigan Studio as their home. As one of the best film acting schools, the studio is where actors who may be looking at a professional career come to master the craft of acting through months or years of studying the Meisner Technique.

“Acting at its best is a creative, transformational art,” Maggie Flanigan says about the Meisner Technique and acting. “Actors must work incredibly hard in order to master their acting instrument. I opened this acting studio, determined to provide what was lacking in American actor training: a small, intimate and nurturing home for serious actors to sharpen their skills and solidify their craft with Meisner acting. The work at my studio is rooted in the Meisner technique of Sanford Meisner combined with my experience teaching the work for over 35 years. If you want to be taken seriously as an actor, dedicate yourself to mastering the craft.”

A number of people have attended The Maggie Flanigan Studio and then had great things to say about their experiences. “Maggie Flanigan is easily one of the finest and in depth acting teachers in America,” says Roseanna, a former student. “Her training, for me, changed my entire perspective and grounded me in a clear understanding of what it means to craft a moment, craft a role. Her passion will challenge you on a level you haven't ever known. I truly wish I could relive the two years she transformed my sense of truth and honed my BS detector.”

The studio also offers acting classes for beginners, more information on which one can find on the acting studio’s website. Maggie Flanigan Studio has produced a long list of well known, successful actors, and anyone looking to find their own success in the world of acting knows that Maggie Flanigan is often the first step toward a long and fulfilling career.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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The acting studio was created by Maggie to provide an acting program for serious actors to receive the best Meisner Training in the U.S. The studio teaches the Meisner Technique more clearly and precisely than any practicing Meisner teacher today.

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