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Lucid Leverage LLC Offers CBD SEO Services

November 26, 2020
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Lucid Leverage LLC, a digital marketing agency based in Tempe, Arizona, has announced that they are offering search engine optimization (SEO) services for the cannabidiol (CBD) and medical marijuana (MMJ) industry. It should be noted that these businesses are unique when it comes to digital marketing because Facebook, YouTube, and Google don’t allow PPC campaigns for such businesses and most SEO companies refuse to offer their services for them because of the controversial nature of their products. Their best option for getting traffic is through MMJ and CBD SEO services offered by companies like Lucid Leverage. The professionals at this digital marketing agency are capable of helping these businesses because of their extensive experience in this particular industry segment.

Chris Quintela, co-founder of Lucid Leverage, says, “We provide SEO for CBD websites and SEO for medical marijuana dispensaries in Tempe, Arizona and across the USA. Our professional team has both the knowledge to do SEO techniques effectively and the realization of the specific buzzwords and features of the CBD and MMJ (medical marijuana) dispensaries industry. There are some unique factors which enter into preparing search engine optimization for CBD websites and dispensaries. Because of the nature of the main products, careful attention must be paid to the legalities of the wording as well as of the offerings themselves.”

It should be noted that while the CBD and MMJ companies are already aware of some of the limitations they need to work within marketing their products, it is up to the digital marketing agency to display those products in a manner that is not in violation of the applicable laws and statutes, while still focused on enhancing and maintaining the appropriate visibility through social media and organic Google search. For instance, a descriptive explanation of each product is vital, whether the customer is buying through an online store or through a licensed marijuana dispensary.

The description of each product is important because buyers are interested in knowing the form of the product. For instance, MMJ could be sold as vape juice, MMJ gummies, a flower, a pre-rolled joint, beverages in different flavors, and medicated butter and oil. The form of the CBD or MMJ product that is bought will also depend on how the buyer intends to use it and the laws and regulations governing these from state to state.

Product descriptions may also be used to inform customers about the cultivation of the plants used in the manufacture of the products being sold. Information may also be provided regarding the level of CBD and THC for each product. Customers would also be interested in the purity of the products, such as whether the plants have been treated with pesticides or fungicides. Information on the cleanliness in the growing and packaging processes is also essential because these products are to be used for their medicinal properties.

Lucid Leverage is one of the few digital marketing agencies that offer their services for CBD businesses and marijuana industry websites. These include designing and building their websites, hosting these websites, marketing them, and may even include the setting up of credit card processing for the CBD or MMJ website. They will also exercise great care in building the MMJ and CBD websites to make sure that they comply with all regulations while organically obtaining Google search visibility.

It should also be noted that Lucid Leverage is a private label SEO reseller in Phoenix, Arizona. As such, they act on behalf of the client. This means that they will be establishing the client’s business presence in the world of digital marketing in the same manner that the client would have done it. Lucid Leverage employs a varied path to SEO to make sure that the client has sustained visibility on the search engines whatever the competition will do to try and limit such visibility on the search engines.

Lucid Leverage is a white label SEO reseller in Phoenix. A white label service is created by one company and other companies would be able to rebrand it to make it look like they had made the service. Lucid Leverage is the SEO agency that produces such service for its clients. The professionals in the company are online reputation, social media management, and SEO specialists.

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