PutskA Invites Community To View Their Diaper Caddy Organizer On The New Website

November 19, 2020
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PutskA is proud to recommend and invite the community to visit the Diaper Caddy Organizer product page on their newly launched website. The product is one of their most popular items and would make an ideal gift for a baby shower as well. The company specializes in high quality products for babies. To learn more, visit PutskA online.

As parents, one must change diapers several times a day — and usually at inconvenient times. The diaper change challenge never ends, and one must be prepared for all occasions. Putska's diaper caddy holds everything one would need to keep a changing table or bed both organized and clutter-free. With three large compartments and eight external pockets, the caddy is big enough to fit all of a baby’s diapers and nursery items. More information and pictures of the product can be found on PutskA’s new website as well. To quote the website, “This portable caddy will keep you ready for the next diaper challenge, wherever you are. It is, truly, a parent's lifesaver”.

The product has many features which make it an ideal product for a new parent, and they are highlighted on the product page of the website. The Diaper Caddy Organizer is large enough to fit all of one’s baby products and fits perfectly for any changing station. The product features strong modular dividers, and the parent can design the number of compartments as needed. The caddy’s side pockets are quite wide, which makes it easy to grab, and it also has long handles, designed for ease in carrying. The Caddy folds easily for storage and transport and is made from a durable, thick felt. An interesting feature of the caddy is a protective ribbon around the sharp edges for perfect safety and security. Product details and such may be found on the website’s product page. Learn more here: Check PutskA on FB.

J. Monet gives the Diaper Caddy Organizer a 5-Star rating on Amazon and states that, “My husband and I are preparing for the birth of our son within the next few weeks. It is crunch time as we try to stock up on all the necessary items we will need. With that, we have been looking for items that will make our transition from the hospital to home a smooth one. This caddy is one of those items for sure! This caddy makes it easy to have important items close and near and all organized in one area. The size is just right, as it can hold a variety of items. This caddy makes for a great gift and, all in all, is a great item to have. I highly recommend it!”

PutskA was founded by parents Lily and Ben Nathan after their second child was born. Based on their experiences as parents, the couple knew what parents needed and, more importantly, what their children needed and liked. All PutskA products are designed so that they are convenient to use and aesthetically pleasing as well. The primary focus, however, is the safety and comfort of the child. As the couple’s children grew, the company expanded into a range of toddler products as well.

PutskA’s mission, as proudly stated on their website, is “Making practical baby products that are also designed and stylish without sacrificing quality.” As parents, one wants the best for their children, and that is why PutskA is dedicated to producing essential products which focus on delivering comfort and quality, a premium material and even an appealing look that makes the baby the focus of all attention. Learn more here: Check PutskA on Instagram.

The company firmly believes that raising children requires love, care and responsibility, and they always account for the safety, quality and functionality of any products they create. The company also utilizes environmentally friendly materials and non-toxic organic fabrics in order to ensure their little owners remain safe. The company does this in order to help protect the environment and future for the children. Given that they believe just as strongly in being transparent with their community, they also welcome feedback from their customers.

To learn more about PutskA’s products, one may visit the newly launched website. For further inquiries, one may contact the company via their website or social media channels.

PutskA Diaper Caddy

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A family company dedicated to producing baby essentials tailored to your needs and your baby needs. Our products are made from environmentally-friendly materials and non-toxic organic fabrics to keep our babies safe. Thank you for choosing Putska ♥

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