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Experienced Domestic Abuse Attorney Lisa Amundson Clarifies Actions to Take to Increase Safety in the Family

November 09, 2020
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Lisa Amundson Law Office wants the community to know that one of the first steps to take in order to end abuse and violence in a family is to speak to someone that has experience dealing with similar situations.

Ms. Amundson said, “There is no question that domestic violence in a family or even ‘just’ allegations of violence creates very complex and difficult situations. I have had extensive training and experience with these issues and can often help people to keep the situations from spinning out of control.”

Lisa Amundson

It is common when violence has occurred in a relationship to feel unsure about what to do. First and foremost, it is critical to create safety for all people concerned, especially children. Amundson’s firm offers a free initial consultation which can be very helpful.

In addition to legal advice, there are several organizations in Minnesota which stand ready to help those experiencing violence at home, Ms. Admundson said. “These include Violence Free Minnesota, whose website is located at,” she continued.

Ms. Amundson, who is admitted to practice in the Minnesota District and Federal courts, is also well-respected as a Child Custody Lawyer. She is knowledgeable about the many issues that child custody can create and she will help clients to understand their options as well as how to best protect the children involved when there has been violence used in a family.

“It is normal, when there has been a violent situation at home, to feel embarrassed or unsure, but the fact is this can happen to anyone,” Ms. Amundson said. “And very often a violent partner will also make threats to try to make the victim keep everything to themselves, which of course does not help to resolve anything. It helps tremendously to know that you are not alone, and there are many people, inside and outside my firm, who stand ready to help families in these situations.” She continued, “Of course, if someone feels their immediate safety is threatened, they should immediately call the police.”

Sadly, children are often used against victims of violence, in the sense that abusers threaten to “..take the kids away,” or to accuse the other parent of being unfit, among many other threats and accusations that can be made in a violent family. Parents also sometimes feel that the only way to keep their children safe is to stay in the violent home – but the truth is that there are shelters and advocates who can help any parent leave and keep their children away from a violent parent at home.

“When abusers make threats to harm someone it can be helpful to remember one simple fact,” Ms. Amundson said. “If the abuser doesn’t know where you or the children are, and if they don’t have access to you, they cannot harm you.”

This is true even when a victim of domestic violence doesn’t have any finances to spend on room and board. There are free programs that Ms. Amundson can help parents access.

Ms. Amundson also said, “It is critically important, especially when there is violence in a home, for parents to know exactly what their rights are, and what the resources are in a community, and my firm is experienced in all of these situations and can help.”

Minnesota is known around the world for its development of the “Duluth Model” of Domestic violence. An example of the model and explanations around it is available at

Kylie Davenport, a former client of the Amundson firm, said, “I felt so alone when I first reached out to Lisa. But she put me in touch with an advocate and a program where I could go and take my children where we were safe. Lisa helped me understand what was happening and she explained my options carefully and thoroughly. When my abuser accused me of being violent, she helped me to stay calm and got those charges thrown out. If you need a Domestic Abuse Attorney, I don’t think there’s a better choice in the country.”

Much more information is available on the Amundson firm’s website located at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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