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Cambridge Electronics Incorporated Offers Rural Internet Smarthub

February 10, 2021
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Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated, based in Alberta, Canada, is pleased to bring their Telus Smarthub device to the attention of their community. The Smarthub is an ideal rural home internet solution which provides fast and reliable home internet.

The Telus Smart Hub is an easy, out-of-the-box, home Wi-Fi solution that an individual can install in mere minutes. It utilizes the Telus LTE Network to provide fixed high speed internet access to rural households. One may have access to download speeds of up to 25 Mbps. With the Smarthub, large data allowance rates start at just $65 per month. The Smarthub connection provides high speed Wi-Fi, which allows for multiple devices to be connected simultaneously.

Telus Smarthub

When purchasing the Smarthub device and internet connection, Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated provides the customer with many different packages with reasonable payments. For installment payments, the Telus Easy payment option boasts a 0% interest rate. One may even be eligible for a $30 device subsidy, depending on one’s payment plan and package. For the Rural Home Internet Plans, customers who order now may be eligible for double the data on existing plans.

Telus provides Smarthub services only in selected communities (to ensure that customers using internet service in these areas get an optimal experience). Since it is a wireless service, speed and signal strength may vary with the client’s configuration, internet traffic, environmental conditions, applicable network management or other factors. For a description of the company’s network management practices, users may visit the Telus website. Since this service is available in selected communities, the company advises customers to make sure their address is qualified for service via the qualification tool on the Telus website as well. If one’s address qualifies for the service, one may visit the nearest dealership and subscribe to the service. The company also reminds customers that the High-Speed Internet with Smarthub is a fixed internet connection and that it is currently not configured to support P2P gaming on any online gaming console, including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. This is due to a limitation on the network.

For everyday use, like surfing websites, streaming videos or sharing photos, the Smarthub Wi-Fi network will provide great coverage throughout one’s home. The speeds one may achieve within various coverage areas varies with distance from the Smarthub, along with other factors. On average, maximum speeds and best coverage are achievable within approximately 2,000 square feet around the device. The company also points out that, if one may need additional data until the next billing cycle, data top-ups are available as an option. Top-ups can be added at any time by speaking to a Telus representative.

The Cambridge Electronics Incorporated store boasts a team of at least 12 Telus Specialists. According to the company’s official website, these specialists are, “professional problem solvers, tinkerers, and all around geeks, working around the clock to make Cambridge Electronics Incorporated the best Telus Service Provider in the universe.” The store aims to provide the best options and services to all their clientele, regardless of whether the client is the owner of a business or an individual who owns Telus Products for personal use. The team at Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated will assist anyone who would need a Telus service Provider and will take care of all complications, so one may enjoy the Telus connection with the least amount of hassle.

Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated will guide clients so they may select the proper wireless device and match it up with the accessories one may need. Furthermore, the team at Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated will be happy to help those interested in purchasing the Smarthub device.

Lan Eng states in a 5-Star Google review that he is, “Very happy with this location. Setup my devices efficiently and saved me money. I won't go anywhere else!” The store’s dedicated team has enjoyed a wide degree of success in making their clients feel welcome, as is made evident in this review and the many other positive pieces of feedback that they have received.

To learn more about the Smarthub device or Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated, one may visit the store’s website. One may also contact the team directly via phone or email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated:

We’re a team of about a dozen Telus Specialists, professional problem solvers, tinkerers, and all around geeks, working around the clock to make Cambridge Electronics Incorporated the best Telus Service Provider in the universe.

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