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Clean Group Cleaners Go Through Advanced Cleaning Training To Combat Corona Effectively

October 07, 2020
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Clean Group is a Sydney-based, full-service commercial cleaning agency that has recently started providing Corona cleaning & disinfection services to help local businesses combat the coronavirus at their facilities. The company provides COVID disinfection service through a dedicated team of cleaners who have been specially trained for this purpose. To effectively kill the viruses, germs, bacteria and other infections in a place, their cleaners are trained in advanced cleaning techniques and provided with state-of-the-art equipment and solutions such as Zoono-71 Surface Sanitiser and Electrostatic Sprayer.

“We are now providing complete COVID-19 disinfection and protection shield cleaning service in all suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The first COVID cleaning service is FREE for our new routine cleaning clients. The service involves the use of our Electrostatic sprayer application technology together with Zoono-71 Surface Sanitiser that is TGA-approved to kill up to 99.99% of germs with up to 30 days of protection. You can hire our corona cleaners for virus cleaning in any commercial facility situated in our service area. Visit the website to know more or to request a free quote,” says Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group.

The Coronavirus problem that started about a year ago is now widespread and has taken the world by storm. Economy, among other things, seems to be the most affected by this global pandemic. After a severe lockdown that lasted more than four to five months, local businesses across Australia are now looking to re-open their premises and invite customers again. But, of course, they are worried because the virus problem is still there. The corona cleaning service of Clean Group intends to help such businesses operate in a safe and virus-free environment.

Covid 19 Cleaning Sydney

Clean Group is a reliable and highly trusted commercial cleaning company that provides routine and personalized cleaning services to all kinds of commercial places in and around Sydney. The company also now provides COVID-19 disinfection & sanitizing services through a dedicated team of corona cleaners. This team of Clean Group has been specifically trained for complete cleaning of places with a high density of germs, bacteria and common viruses, including the coronavirus. They come with a set of latest equipment and cleaning solutions intended to not only kill the viruses but also prevent them from growing back. Also, their cleaners are trained in safe cleaning practices in order to stop the virus from spreading to other places and people. They use masks, gloves and other safety tools while cleaning a place.

The Defence Shield Technology used by the Clean Group cleaners is reportedly one of the most efficient ways to kill the virus permanently. The same is used by many leading organizations and fortune-500 companies for their regular disinfection needs. And the same Defence Shield service is being provided by their cleaners to local businesses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane at very affordable rates. The Clean Group disinfection technology is more effective because it involves the use of an Electrostatic Sprayer that disperses electrically-charged disinfectant particles (solution) all over a surface, including the hidden areas that are otherwise unreachable via common methods like wiping and fogging. These electric particles that come out of the sprayer can wrap themselves on the target surface, thus covering the entire surface with disinfectant. And since there is no moisture involved, there is no need to wipe the surface afterwards. Another good thing about this disinfection technology is that it can easily clean surfaces with funny shapes or hidden areas. Also, there is no damage to the surface because the solution used in the sprayer is non-corrosive.

Clean Group’s corona cleaners are experienced people and are familiar with safe cleaning practices for all types of commercial properties. Before starting a new project, they go through a mandatory training session where the project manager provides a brief detail of the project and tells about the best cleaning practices to follow for desirable results. For COVID cleaning projects, their cleaners are also given specific instructions, as per client’s requirements, along with the most sophisticated equipment and cleaning solutions. Basically, they know what they’re doing and can be trusted for quality work.

The COVID cleaning and disinfection service of Clean Group covers basic cleaning, plus complete sanitisation of the place, including disinfection treatment of all surfaces and things like phones, door handles and knobs, lift buttons and surfaces, desks, tables and chairs, computers, switchboards, toilet seats, wash basins, bins, handrails, etc.

Sydney businesses who happen to be looking for a reliable and efficient COVID-19 cleaning & disinfection service provider can contact Clean Group or visit their website to read more detail, please read this article:

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