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Inland Concrete Products is Now Offering an Innovative Sand Plate Accessory for Concrete Reinforcement

October 19, 2020
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Inland Concrete Products (ICP) has just announced that it is now offering a new product that is designed to help make things easier for contractors when they are doing their concrete reinforcement setups. This innovative product is what the company calls its Sand Plate Accessory. It’s designed to provide a solid and level base for someone who is about to lay down a concrete reinforcement grid that also includes the use of Inland Concrete Products plastic rebar spacer chairs. The company services dealers and contractors nationwide with high-quality concrete spacers, plastic spacers, rebar ties, slab bolsters, and more. They are a concrete product supplier who has a proven history of making products that excel in their performance. Product information and specs on the Sand Plate Accessory can be seen here at

A spokesperson for Inland Concrete Products, John Gilner, says, “Anyone who has ever laid dawn concrete forms and setup rebar or other forms of concrete reinforcement, knows what a tedious process this can be. That’s where some of the reinforcement setup aids that we make at Inland Concrete Products can really help. One of our latest ones is our Sand Plate Accessory. When this product is combined with any of our rebar chairs, it will greatly speed up and simplify the task of laying down a concrete reinforcing rebar grid. ICP continues to come up with helpful products like this that make concrete construction stronger and life easier for concrete contractors all across America.”

sand plate accessory for concrete reinforcement

Gilner went on to add that this universal concrete accessory works with both their rebar high and tilt model chairs. These chairs will attach easily to this well-designed rigid plastic base to provide the large, stable base that’s often lacking when someone is assembling an on-grade concrete reinforcing rebar grid. He also stated that since their Sand Plate Accessory fits spacers in height from 3/4" - 14", it provides an unparalleled amount of rebar grid setup options. All of which can be done much faster and more accurately than was ever possible before. The company spokesperson mentioned that among the other strong points that their Sand Plate Accessory’s offer is the fact that they are quality made in the USA using only 100% recycled material. Gilner also pointed out that this product can be ordered in quantity which helps to make it a very cost-effective concrete reinforcing grid setup aid. It comes packaged at 200 per box and an entire pallet consists of 16 boxes for a total of 3,200 Sand Plates. Additional information on Inland Concrete Products Sant Plate Accessory can be found here at

The company spokesperson also wanted to mention that they have a wide range of other useful products for concrete contractors besides just their Rebar Chairs, Concrete Spacers, and Sand Plate Accessories. This impressive list includes the Concrete Dobies that they manufacture and keep large quantities in supply for on-demand shipping. ICP boasts the biggest ready-to-ship inventory of dobies in the entire country. He says they take great pride in the fact that they get their dobies to their suppliers so fast that concrete contractors never have to hear the word wait when they go to pick some up. The company’s dobies also have a track record of proven quality that includes being free of flash and they are made in state-of-the-art injection mold machines. Gilner added that they offer both regular strength Concrete Dobies that have an average compressive strength between 4,000 & 5,000 psi and higher strength dobies that meet strict DOT standards.

For those concrete contractors and suppliers that want more information on the innovative concrete accessories that this Fontana, California based company sells, they can refer to the Inland Concrete Products website or go to the company information page seen here at Their website also contains a section with the latest concrete news and blogs that give helpful advice on prepping for and pouring concrete. Some examples of the information in this section include articles on ‘Tackling High-Rise Concrete Construction Challenges’, ‘The Do’s and Don’ts of Tying Rebar, ‘Concrete Control Joints 101: How to Apply Filler’, and ‘Research Says Self-Healing Concrete Market Size Worth $305 Billion In 7 Years’. Gilner added that those who want to discuss the location of their dealers or want pricing information on their products are more than welcome to give them a call.

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ICP has a long-running legacy of innovation in the concrete accessories industry. We service dealers and contractors nationwide with high-quality concrete dobies, plastic spacers, rebar ties, slab bolsters, and more – all with on-demand inventory.

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