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Parc & Main, LLC: 4 Ways To Sell Your House In Gwinnett County, GA

September 29, 2020
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Parc & Main, LLC, a real estate expert based in Stone Mountain, GA, encourages Gwinnett County residents to thoroughly explore their options if they wish to sell their house. As part of its efforts to facilitate this goal, the company is also offering homeowners the benefit of their industry experience. Read further at the following link: Sell My House.

As many people across the country are experiencing unprecedented financial difficulties in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Parc & Main believes that it is more vital now than ever before for families and other individuals to consider every option as they proceed with a sale carefully. This is because what would perhaps have been accepted as an unavoidable nuisance in the past may now be too much for most sellers to shoulder.

"If you want to sell your house," states Parc & Main, "we advise that you take a close look at the following four methods by which you may do so. These methods include hiring a real estate agent, selling your home by yourself, selling the property on a rent-to-own basis, or utilizing a cash home buyer’s service. While we at Parc & Main may advise a specific course based on the details you provide us, our most important priority is to ensure that you understand every path you may take and what each offers. You alone are aware of the full scope of your needs. As a result, we make it our business to give you all the information required for to be able to make an informed decision that will best suit your life."

According to the company, hiring an agent is one of the best-known methods by which homes are sold in the US, and this means many homeowners are already aware of the obstacles it presents. While a professional agent's assistance can help a house get seen on a Multiple Listing Service (MLS), for instance, there are several caveats that homeowners must be ready for if they take this route.

First, the house must always be maintained in excellent condition while it is on the market. This is to help present it in the best possible light when potential buyers visit the property. Parc & Main observes, "Retail buyers are somewhat picky and want a home that is in great condition." Giving a home the best chance of impressing a buyer says it is wise for homeowners to have a pre-listing home inspection conducted to highlight any areas that need work. Once they receive this report, the necessary repairs should be made.

Next up is the 'For Sale By Owner' (FSOB) option. This essentially means that the owner can choose to sell their house by themselves (without the aid of a realtor). They may wish to do this to avoid the associated commissions and fees, but Parc & Main cautions homeowners that they are still subject to the same laws their realtor would have been.

"You can sell your house without anyone else's help, but this is only a good choice if you are experienced in real estate sales," says Parc & Main. This is because an inexperienced seller is unlikely to be aware of all the laws they must comply with during a sale. Should they fail to make a fully legal sale, they may find that the consequences they later face will outweigh any potential money they saved on commissions.

Some may prefer to offer their house on a rent-to-own system where a buyer who is close to being qualified will rent the property for up to two years with the option to buy it in the future. Homeowners will appreciate the fact that they will receive a non-refundable deposit to buy the home, following which the 'tenants' will rent it and take care of all the maintenance it requires (since they expect to own it at a later date, they are more likely to be quite diligent here). Rent-to-own buyers are happy to pay the full price for the opportunity to buy a home.

The final way to sell a home is to use a cash home buyer. This may be the easiest (and fastest) option of the four as such entities often make zero-obligation cash offers for the house in its current state. This means that no repairs or renovations need to be made, and a sale can be made in as little as a matter of weeks (depending on the cash home buyer's practices). Proponents of this method often tout it as the most hassle-free option available.

Those who are a homeowner and wish to learn more about selling a home in Gwinnett County are welcome to contact Carmen Peay of Parc & Main, LLC, and request a consultation. Parc & Main, LLC is always ready and willing to help homeowners find the best way to sell their property. Read further here: Sell House.

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