Clean Group Sydney Strata Cleaners Upgrade In-Depth Strata Cleaning Services in Australia

September 16, 2020
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Clean Group, a commercial cleaning agency based in Sydney, NSW, is upgrading its strata cleaning services for in-depth and more effective cleaning results. The company presently works with hundreds of local businesses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, catering to their routine and one-off cleaning needs. It also has a separate division of Strata Cleaners, who are committed to providing professional and in-depth strata cleaning services to offices and companies in Australia at affordable rates. Besides strata cleaning, they offer routine office cleaning, medical cleaning, school cleaning, childcare cleaning and other related services.

Suji Siv, CEO and owner of the Clean Group, says, “We have invested substantial amounts in acquiring the equipment that the latest technologies afford us. But we do not stop there. We make it a point to see to it that our machinery, as well as the manpower, are upgraded on a regular basis. Our cleaners are certified professionals who take pride in the years of experience behind them. So, if you happen to be on the lookout for Strata Cleaning Services near me, go ahead and contact us today.”

Strata Cleaning

The cleaning products and equipment used by the Clean Group cleaners are of the best quality and proven to be safe for people and friendly to the environment. For Strata Cleaning, they only use experienced cleaners who have previously worked on high-rise buildings. Also, they regularly train their cleaners in safe & effective cleaning practices that deliver brilliant results.

There are many other reasons why businesses in Australia prefer Clean Group over other strata cleaning service providers. These include the company’s 20+ years of experience in commercial cleaning, in-house team of 50+ full-time, trained & expert cleaners, competitive rates, friendly sales & support staff, and extensive experience in catering to the cleaning & maintenance needs of a variety of businesses, including hospitals, retail stores, offices, warehouses, malls, schools, daycare centres, colleges, gyms, etc. in over 100 suburbs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They provide the same standard of quality cleaning when cleaning offices as they do with hospital cleaning. Their cleaning techniques are effective in killing germs and bacteria and can even get rid of viruses like COVID-19. They can also provide specialised, on-demand services like same-day cleaning, outdoor cleaning, garden cleaning & maintenance and pressure cleaning.

Another thing that makes Clean Group better than the competition is their strict policy to only use green and non-toxic cleaning solutions & practices. They primarily use Viraclean, a highly efficient and eco-friendly cleaning solution that can kill a variety of germs and viruses. Also, they use state-of-the-art cleaning tools & equipment, including the I-mop cleaner for the cleaning of sticky floors and unapproachable areas and microfibre cloths for dusting and cleaning of strata windows, doors, furniture and other areas. Microfibre cloths can clean dirt, dust as well as allergens and moisture from a surface, making it safe to use. In addition, they use special cleaning mops made of antibacterial microfibre for the cleaning of floors and surfaces. These mops can kill germs and stop them from growing again.

Their Strata Cleaners are trained to provide a wide variety of services, including advanced cleaning of strata properties, strata garden cleaning & maintenance, body corporate cleaning, and COVID disinfection & sanitising. Having the best personnel, resources and experience needed for efficient cleaning & maintenance of strata properties, they are trusted by hundreds of business owners all across the country.

The standard services provided by Clean Group cleaners to their strata cleaning clients include the cleaning, scrubbing and mopping of floors, cleaning of bins and garbage removal, toilet and bathroom cleaning & sanitising, kitchen cleaning, windows wiping & cleaning, cleaning of cobwebs, cleaning & dusting of drawers and furniture, wiping and disinfecting light switches, door handles, lift buttons, phone receiver and other common-touch surfaces, outdoor cleaning, cleaning & polishing of mailboxes, disinfection of floors & surfaces, and sanitising. This is just their standard cleaning package. Upon the request of a client, they can also deliver personalised or bespoke strata cleaning services to meet their particular needs. Also, they offer custom quotes, rather than following a one-price-for-all mechanism, after manually inspecting the cleaning needs of a strata building. At the time of on-site inspection, clients can state their specific requirements, budget and recommendations, based on which Clean Group will assign the best price quote along with its best cleaners’ team for the job. This ensures that the clients get the best value for their money.

In the wake of COVID-19, Clean Group is also providing COVID disinfection and sanitizing services for all their clients. In fact, their routine cleaning clients can enjoy their first COVID cleaning service for no cost. This is to help local businesses get back on their feet after the COVID lockdown and start their work in a safe & virus-free environment.

Business and Strata Owners looking for competitive, efficient, and reliable strata cleaning services in Sydney can reach Clean Group’s sales team at 1-300-073-089.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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