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September 16, 2020
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In a recent series of blog posts regarding cooling sheets,, a relatively new website dedicated to different topics about cooling towels, cooling sheets, and other cooling-related topics, has positioned themselves on a warpath against the massive heat wave that’s currently sweeping the nation. The company shares an interest in helping users overcome the problems that come with the increased temperatures this summer.

One of the company’s writers, in a recent interview, said the following, “One of the greatest problems that users come to the site for is that they lose sleep because they just can’t get into a comfortable position when they’re about to sleep. This is especially true in the summer where temperatures skyrocket well into the mid-70s on average during the night. It’s simply too hot of a temperature to sleep comfortably in. This is where cooling sheets come in.” As mentioned, cooling sheets offer one of the best solutions for high nighttime temperatures on the market aside from air conditioning. For many people, turning the air conditioning every night for at least 5 hours is simply not an option. The team behind the site understood that right from the start. After all, if air conditioning was all it took to answer every user’s concerns, there wouldn’t be any need for the site.

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In another statement, the site also stated that not all cooling sheets are made the same. Aside from the detailed ranking the site gave top cooling sheets, the site’s content manager, Cody Wise, also implemented the use of a separate pros and cons section within each featured item. This makes it very easy to compare and contrast the different cooling sheets on the list. This may also help if users want to know if a certain cooling sheet they’re looking to buy has any extra features such as pillowcase sets or an included mattress cover.

The article also sports its very own buyer’s guide section right on the page itself. The team decided to go with this type of style instead of the more traditional method where a site has a separate buyer’s guide page. The team figured that if users can already find the answers to their questions on the page itself, then they’ll be inclined to spend more time on the page, increasing the chances of a helpful purchase. “The problem with dedicated buyer’s guide pages is they often distract customers instead of informing and leading them towards a purchase,” says an in-house developer for the site. For more information about this article please visit:

The site also wishes to its users that have serious medical conditions and are particularly prone to heat illnesses to seek immediate professional medical help if they have not already, they stress that while cooling sheets certainly can help lower the average body temperature of people who use them, they are not medical devices and are not to be treated as such. It’s always best to consult a physician with any health concerns and to not self-medicate.

Furthermore, the site is also slated to release a string of blog posts designed to create a healthy knowledge base around the article. This was a move made to flesh out the content that was already on the page. The blogs would serve as healthy places for discussion among users and the site moderators. The site is very excited for the coming months as they hope to gain a lot more users with the constant stream of high-quality content.

Lastly, Cody Wise, content manager for the site, wanted to give some of his thoughts on where he would like the site to be in the next couple of months. “The entire team is really excited for the site to finally take flight and we’re hoping that it will become the ultimate destination for all things cooling.”

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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