Clean Group Shares the Latest Cleaning Techniques & Solutions Used by Its Commercial Cleaners

September 15, 2020
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Clean Group, a Sydney-based commercial cleaning company, shares its latest & most-effective cleaning techniques with customers. Since it is the company’s policy to provide transparent and top-notch cleaning services to businesses, they are always open when it comes to letting their customers know about the exact tools, technologies and solutions they use in their cleaning processes. According to the company owner, Suji Siv, Clean Group’s cleaning techniques & solutions are the best in the industry and known to deliver efficient cleaning results for clients.

“We deliver professional cleaning & building maintenance services supported by stringent quality practices, time-tested processes, tracking and oversight. We Geo-track our team to ensure punctuality and building security smart workforce monitoring system. In addition, we make ongoing efforts to upgrade and optimize our management strategies and added building security measures while operating well within your budget,” says Suji Siv, CEO and owner of Clean Group.

Commercial Cleaners

One of the USPs of Clean Group is their transparent and technology-driven cleaning services. They make use of the latest technologies not just in the actual cleaning process but also to ensure punctuality and security in the overall service provided by their cleaners.

Clean Group provides a range of commercial cleaning services, including office cleaning, after builders clean, gym cleaning, hospital cleaning, childcare cleaning, school cleaning, etc. to all small and large businesses across hundreds of suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. In addition, the company also offers building maintenance and NDIS cleaning services on a case by case basis. Their services are backed by their commitment to quality, safety and punctuality. Their cleaners use the latest technology tools and strategies to achieve the desired results on time for each of their cleaning projects.

The latest cleaning technology that is being used by their cleaners is called the Disinfection and Protection Shield, which mainly intends to help businesses keep their facilities free of COVID-19 and similar viruses. This technology involves the use of an electrostatic sprayer together with Zoono-71 surface sanitiser to kill up to 99.99% germs from a surface. It has been TGA-approved to provide up to 30 days of virus protection.

Talking about the cleaning equipment and solutions, Clean Group puts emphasis on using green and eco-friendly products as and when possible. They mostly use cleaning supplies that are non-toxic and biodegradable. Their cleaning products are certified organic and safe for people and the environment. For instance, their cleaners use microfibre cleaning cloths that are highly effective in the cleaning of surfaces for dirt, dust and moisture and involve no use of strong/harmful chemicals. Also, they use the imop floor scrubbers that are said to reduce water and chemical use in cleaning by up to 40%. Through constant care and maintenance, they ensure prolonged life of their cleaning equipment.

In addition to using the latest technologies and green solutions in their cleaning process, Clean Group also uses a state-of-the-art monitoring and cleaner tracking system to ensure timely and secure services for all their clients. “At Clean Group, we take security seriously and work hard to deliver services on time and to the highest possible standard,” says Suji Siv.

For one, the company uses a smart workforce monitoring system to track the performance of their cleaners in real-time, ask feedback from clients and take necessary actions to improve productivity. In addition, they use geo-tracking to monitor the live status of their cleaners and to make sure that all the work is done on time and in accordance with the highest quality standards. Also, they use a variety of modern techniques and methods to save labor time and cost, improve efficiency and bring transparency in client management.

The advanced workforce monitoring and management system of Clean Group analyses the cleaner performance and enhances productivity by measuring the cleanliness metrics that matter to the clients. Based on that, the company provides recommendations for ways to improve efficiency. Each of their in-house cleaners is trained in safe & effective cleaning techniques and provided site-specific training for specific projects such as health and medical cleaning.

Technology isn’t the only thing Clean Group excels at. When it comes to providing quality cleaning along with a high customer satisfaction rate, they are trusted by all the leading organisations in and around Sydney. As one of the oldest commercial cleaning agencies with over 20 years of experience, Clean Group promises the highest standards of cleaning through the use of the latest and most effective cleaning techniques.

Businesses looking for technology-driven commercial cleaning services in Australia can contact Clean Group via their website or call their sales team on 1300-073-089.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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