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Detroit Based Fleet Management Consultant Touts the Many Benefits of Using Mobile Fleet Management Apps

September 21, 2020
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Fleet Cost & Care wants fleet-based companies to know many benefits can be had from using mobile fleet management apps. They say this is especially true for companies that are involved in moving heavy equipment around. That’s why they develop apps that are specifically designed to help improve the inner workings of companies in the crane & rigging, vacuum truck, concrete pumping, work truck, and earthmoving industries. Their software has proved to be instrumental in helping those companies that are involved in heavy-equipment related industries to simplify their fleet operations.

Jeff Curran, President of Fleet Cost & Care, says, “If you are in any type of business that involves organizing medium to large size fleets of heavy equipment, you already know how difficult it is to manage your equipment and keep records of all that is going on as that equipment moves around. That’s why we have used our many years of combined fleet management experience at our company to come up with software solutions that will help. Our fleet management software is designed to integrate several fleet management functions into one easy to use platform that helps streamline and better organize your fleet business and, in turn, also will help improve its performance.”

According to the President, there are several benefits that fleet associated companies get when they take advantage of software for heavy equipment fleet applications. Curran says that their software goes well beyond being just a fleet dispatching tool. The way that their software integrates such functions as quoting, scheduling, dispatching, service, invoicing, and reporting is by far the biggest asset that companies get from using it. This feature of their fleet management software helps companies save time, improve the accuracy of their data, and most importantly it gives them their best chance to increase profit because of these things. He says that their fleet management apps will also help improve communication between different departments in a fleet-based business and this should ultimately lead to greater productivity across all departments. Software for fleet management companies also makes it easier for those companies that use it to gather and assess data. The President says this has the benefit of helping them make smarter planning decisions that will ensure their long term success.

Curran went on to add that they have developed two main types of fleet management apps that have become widely popular. The first is their ‘NexGen’ Fleet Management platform which is best-known for helping fleet-based companies simplify their day to day operations. It is also geared toward helping companies get paid faster and maximize their employee’s productivity. He says that the second fleet management app that they developed is what is called ‘Atom’. It’s an on-the-go type of fleet management app that helps managers stay in touch with their fleet activities no matter where they are. Curran also stated that the work that is done using Atom is also synched in real-time with the ‘NexGen’ application. So any work that is done by someone in the field using Atom is also immediately accessible to anyone back at the office too.

Curran says that companies that are heavily involved in tower crane fleet management have found Fleet Cost & Care’s Innovative software to be something that they can no longer function without. Robert Hall of Wilkerson Crane states, “Fleet Cost & Care was the only system that had 100% of what we needed. It was never a question to us whether or not this became an option – it was the best decision for the future of our company.” The company representative says that they feel their products are so highly reviewed because they not only work well but their customers see them as a partner instead of just a vendor selling their wares. He says that’s because they always make themselves available to their software clients to help them maximize the benefits that they get from the company’s fleet management software products.

For heavy equipment companies that would like more information on Fleet Cost & Care’s software solutions, Curran invites representatives of those companies to give them a call, email them, or sign up for a free demo of their fleet software on their website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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