New Information Revealed As Reasons To Make The Change From Metal To Plastic

September 08, 2015
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Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc., based in Anaheim, CA, has released new information on why it is better to replace metal parts with their plastic equivalents. There are a number of different reasons for this, but the main reason is that plastic materials can have better characteristics than metal. For example, the Delrin Sheet is wear resistant. The Delrin Sheet is the flagship product of Industrial Plastic Supply.

"It is becoming increasingly obvious that metal is an inferior material in many forms of production," says Hayden Hess from Industrial Plastic Supply. "As a result, it is being replaced with plastic materials more and more often. We want to be at the forefront of this development, particularly by providing advice, information and guidance not just on the superiority of plastic, but also on the different types of plastics that can be used."

The majority of metals rust or corrode, which can cause significant problems in whatever was constructed with them. Plastics, by contrast, are corrosion-free. They are also much lighter in weight and they are a lot easier to fabricate. This means that they can also help bring overall production costs down.

Aside from being wear resistant, many plastics also do not require any type of lubrication. Their strength to weight ratio is also often superior to that of metals. Furthermore, less energy is required in the production of plastic and it is a recyclable material. This means that choosing plastic is also a great way to encourage sustainability.

"While it is becoming very clear to most industries that plastic is better than metal, many still don't know how to pick the best plastic sheet for their needs," adds Hayden Hess. "We are here to provide businesses with that information, highlighting the differences between the plastic options that are out there, including the difference between such products as Delrin and Acetal, for instance."

The company is also keen to demonstrate that nylon replaces metals in many applications. Encouraging businesses to make the change wherever possible will help them to lower their production costs, increase their profits, free up more time and help to save the environment as well. The company encourages anyone to contact them as soon as possible for further information.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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