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Bay Area Construction IT Services Announces Full Secure Service Availability of Internet Service for Construction Trailers

August 19, 2020
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Bay Area Construction IT (BACIT) has been in business since 1996 and they are like no other company in its field. Every vendor providing mobile/temporary IT services will say that they are proficient with the technology and BACIT is no exception. But Kane Thompson, a spokesman for the firm said, “We’re different because we literally love the tech. We are incredibly good at what we do, and we actually spread joy – in every construction site, every time.”

Ranging from satellite Internet to ultra-highly secure systems that allow for file transmissions coming in but none going out, the firm can fill the demands of any site. Whether the situation requires electrifying a remote trailer, providing multiple satellite connections or multiple connected trailers, BACIT can produce what is needed.

Mr. Thompson continued, “If a company already has its own equipment that they want to use for a site, that is not a problem. Our firm has spent more than 20 years partnering with some of the biggest names in the business, and we know how to retrofit and re-engineer equipment and systems when that is required.”

Planning in advance of need for construction site internet service, is obviously a good idea. BACIT is a one-stop shop in its field. Plans for the removal of gear when the site is clean also should be in the mix. Relocating trailers is also a must. Whether the construction site in question is within the city or in the rural areas of the state, BACIT quite seriously can do it all. They will plan, get the specifications and approvals for the technology, take care of the acquisitions, install and test the gear, and deploy the system as a whole.

Brian Shepherd, a previous client of BACIT, said “We didn’t know what we didn’t know, and we weren’t even sure if it was possible to get the kind of security that we had in mind. BACIT sat down with us, did an assessment, and came back with an estimate that was very reasonable. They built us an application that made our jobs easier and tracked the data in ways that helped the project save money. There were no breaches. I’ll hire them every time I get the chance.”

Regarding internet providers for construction sites in San Francisco, BACIT has partnerships with mobile internet providers and can provide service wherever it is needed. For construction site internet services around the Bay Area that might be far away from normal internet connectivity, BACIT partners with national providers if local providers are not available.

Security for modern firms is not optional, and again BACIT has enormous experience in data security for construction trailers and sites. Mr. Thompson said, “We work with governments to roll out trailer services for construction firms whether they are on a local project in San Francisco, or if the project is for way out around the outer Bay Area where there is far less connectivity with local services. We are already ‘in’ with traffic internet management and the wireless and cellular connection firms that are providing that. If there is any way at all to obtain internet service, BACIT will obtain it for the client. Full stop.”

In addition to the full-service Construction IT services they provide the company also provides security to firms that are still furloughed due to COVID-19. For sites that are still in full operations, the BACIT crew has been especially trained in appropriate COVID-19 sterile procedures and they will take steps that include: the use of new gloves each time, hands and forearms sanitized before, during, and after work, keyboard/work area wipe downs, new masks with each visit, and so on.

Mr. Thompson added, “We have actually been working in sterile conditions for years, so it’s part of our DNA. Adjusting to the added procedures since COVID was fairly simple on the company’s side and for the clients, we are keeping them as safe as possible. It’s a win-win, all the way around.” Interested parties can contact the company via its website at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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