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Amundson Law Offers Child Support Legal Services

August 19, 2020
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Lisa Amundson is pleased to announce that she is now practicing law from the Amundson Law Office in Eagan, MN. She is a family law attorney serving the entire Minneapolis, St. Paul area through her office as well as meeting locations throughout the area. She focuses mainly on serving people in Eagan, Burnsville and the surrounding areas. Her website offers a great deal of information on 7 practice areas.

Spousal maintenance, often referred to as ‘alimony’ is awarded to women who are stay at home mothers. Changes in society and the increase in the number of dual income households have forced the courts to re-evaluate the concept, and courts now need to ensure that they examine the unique financial situation of each divorcing couple instead of relying on outdated notions of gender roles that are rarely still relevant. While some couples may, in fact, still live within these gender roles, it is important for the courts to forego any assumptions and account for a variety of lifestyles.

Child support is a very difficult topic, and issues that involve spousal maintenance are often very emotionally taxing for everyone involved. Amundson Law’s staff know how to handle incredibly difficult situations. “Even in an emotionally charged situation, it is crucial to have a lawyer who focuses on securing your future and takes a sound approach to legal decision-making,” says the firm. “At Amundson Law Office LLC, we understand that going through a divorce is not easy. That is why we strive to advocate for your best interests in the legal proceedings so you can focus on establishing your new life. Our principal attorney, Lisa Amundson, will work with you to understand your situation, be available to answer any questions you may have and keep you updated on the status of your case.”

There are different kinds of spousal maintenance which are applied in different situations. Temporary spousal maintenance, often referred to as rehabilitative maintenance, is awarded for a specific time frame in order to assist in the education, job training and skills of the receiving party so that they can work towards supporting themselves in the future. Permanent spousal maintenance is awarded for an indefinite amount of time, usually when the marriage can be considered ‘long term.’ It is usually awarded in cases where the receiving spouse is not capable of self-support (based on what they earned while married).

Lisa Amundson has a great deal of experience with many different kinds of spousal support cases, and she is licensed to practice law all over the Minnesota district and federal courts. She graduated cum laude from Saint Cloud State University with a B.A. and received her J.D. from Hamline University’s law school in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She is also a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association, the Dakota County Bar Association, the Hennepin County Bar Association and she is a member of the Family Law section.

“I have been practicing family law in the Twin Cities Metro area for over 25 years,” says Lisa Amundson. “If you are faced with a family law issue and would like help, do not hesitate to call the Amundson Law Office for a free, confidential first meeting. There is no obligation or cost for the first meeting. I want to provide you an opportunity to ask questions and give some basic guidance on your situation. If you choose to move forward, I will provide you with a general idea of what the process will involve, the general timeline and how much it will cost.”

A number of Lisa Amundson’s clients have left excellent reviews of Amundson Law and the services the firm offers. One previous client says about their experience, “Lisa's fabulous! She's professional, knowledgeable, efficient and caring. I would never have made it through a very difficult time in my life without her help and support. I have recommended her to other friends because I have such confidence in her abilities to do a great job.”

Another client shares that, “I was very happy with the legal representation I received from Ms. Amundson throughout the entire divorce process. Ms. Amundson completely explained the law and the process to me in terms I could comprehend. I highly recommend Ms. Amundson and the staff at Lisa Amundson Law Office, P.A. They really assist their clients through difficult times.”

For more information on the firm’s services, including child custody and support, visit Amundson Law Office’s website. Interested parties are welcome to get in touch with Lisa Amundson directly for further details as well.

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