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Salopek & Associates Sets the Bar High for Professional Payroll Services in Calgary

August 14, 2020
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Salopek and Associates is a well-known and highly respected business support agency serving clients across Canada. The company announces that with its recent emphasis on professional payroll services in Calgary they are extending their capacities. On its website at, the company explains how their process and personnel are different to the other firms in the province.

For example, Salopek and Associates have the expectation that their payroll services will be delivered with 100% accuracy every time, because that is what is necessary to protect their clients. They have dedicated, highly educated payroll specialists who are capable of stepping in and taking over a client’s payroll operations completely.

In Calgary, Susan Shaw, CPM is the Senior Payroll Consultant. She is a Certified Payroll Manager with particular expertise in payroll administration, benefit administration, payroll implementation and staff
Training and Development.

“I have particular practice areas of employment legislation and employee relations, as well as in policies and procedures,” Ms. Shaw said. “We work with some of the largest employers in the country as well as the smallest non-profits in the Province,” she added. Whatever the payroll needs of a client might be we go out of our way to help them get exactly what they need.”

According to Janet Salopek, president and senior consultant at Salopek & Associates in Calgary, all businesses need to be ready for change as the changes never stop. “We do business differently, because we know that the demands and needs of business don’t just go away at 5pm or on weekends. That is why, for example, we offer a complete, turnkey payroll service - and why we also offer an HR Specialist on-call service that is on call 24/7,” she said.

Another Senior Payroll Consultant the firm employs is Merium Shahid, B.Comm, PMP, PCP. She is located in the Toronto Office, but her consultancy can also include Calgary. Her expertise includes helping companies transition from legacy systems into more flexible and powerful cloud-based solutions. Other areas of her expertise include Human Resources Management, HR Strategy & Workforce Planning, Policy Development & Compliance and Payroll Management & Process Improvement.

Ms. Shahid said “I particularly enjoy helping companies transition from cumbersome payroll processes into streamlined ones. But we are very flexible – our goal is to help companies make informed decisions and then we assist with whatever the client wants and needs.”

Terrance Cartwright is the owner of a growing sawmill and a customer of Salopek’s payroll department. “I used to lose sleep and sweat over calculating payroll, trying to understand the legislation and the procedures for payroll – I wasted so much time. Turning this part of the business over to Salopek and Associates has relieved me so much I wish that I had done so much earlier. They make everything so simple for us, and I no longer feel like I’m dangling all alone over the precipice of possibly making a mistake with an employee and ending up with a liability issue. I can’t recommend them enough,” he added.

Ms. Shaw said that the company also routinely serves in an advisory or training capacity for boards of directors or companies in need of those services. “Whether it is a formal training that they’d like us to present and facilitate or whether it’s a one-off question and answer session – we can be part of any size company’s plan of attack,” she continued.

Much more information about Salopek & Associates and the various services they offer is available at their press room here: .

Ms. Salopek said, “Another reason I am so proud of our team is the fact that they share my desire to 'give back'. We support and participate in many non-profits in our area, including the Calgary Catholic Immigrant Society, Progressive Alternatives Society of Calgary, and several others.”

She continued, “Even a brief glance at our code of ethics will let businesspeople see that we hold ourselves to very high standards.”

Interested persons can contact the Calgary office of the company at 403.681.1232 or Toll Free at 1.877.681.1232 or via email to:

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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