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Expert Painters Share Tips For Professional Residential Exterior Painting

August 14, 2020
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O'Fallon, Missouri based HBP Painting Contractors recently published a new blog post about exterior painting. In this article, the local painters share their several tips and pieces of professional advice on the topic, based on their years of industry experience. They hope that this post will help homeowners learn what to do and what to avoid while painting the exterior surfaces of their properties.

Cody Hartrum of HBP Painting Contractors, states, "While residential painting can be an exhausting and lengthy task, it is also simple enough that anyone can do it. The difficult part, however, is doing it right. A fresh coat of paint can add value and curb appeal to your home — but only if done properly. There are several aspects that you must consider and keep in mind if you are thinking about painting the exterior of your property by yourself. From the necessary preparations to the equipment that you need and more, we offer our advice and guidance to help you achieve a professional result while painting the exterior of your house."

The post, which can be accessed for free on their blog, outlines what the company believes are the 10 most important tips to achieve a professional look on an exterior house painting project. While this is a challenging task, the company states that the result should reflect the effort that was put into the project.

The first of the tips on exterior painting given by the company is to buy and prepare all the necessary materials and tools in advance. This is the best way to streamline and facilitate the process, saving time and helping avoid any inconvenient trips to the store. Some of the most important tools that will be necessary include a pressure washer, paint sprayer, paintbrushes and rollers, ladders and exterior caulking, among others.

Once the materials and tools are prepared, the local painters state that the next item in line is to clean the surface that will be painted. A clean surface helps paint adhere better, and produces a smoother result. Loose paint should be scraped off and sanded down to smoothness. Any surface damage discovered during the cleaning should be repaired, with holes or cracks being treated with epoxy filler.

Once all repairs and cleaning are done, the company states that the next step is to protect any surrounding surfaces that may unintentionally be exposed to paint. They advise the use of drop cloths and plastic sheeting to protect landscaping, outdoor furnishings or other items that cannot be moved. Trim, doors and windows should be protected with painter's tape, and gaps between these should be filled with caulk.

With all the preparations done, the HBP Painting Contractors experts state that all that is left is to proceed with the painting of the house. Hartrum states, "You'll want to pay special attention when you paint the siding and trim, spraying from top to bottom, overlapping each stroke. Depending on the type of paint, you may need a second coat of paint to achieve the best result, and with that your exterior painting project should be finished."

For those who are not familiar or do not possess the proper equipment for the project, the company advises hiring professional painters. This guarantees a high-quality result, saving time and effort as well as minimizing any disruptions to the homeowner's day to day life. Boasting over 30 years of experience, HBP Painting believes in doing each job right the first time. They offer a 3-year guarantee on all of their services, simultaneously offering peace of mind to their clients in the process.

HBP Painting Contractor's services include Interior and Exterior Painting for Residential and Commercial properties, Cabinet Paintings and Deck Paintings, among several others. All of their projects are carried out by their licensed and bonded team of professionals, each of whom are insured against any damages or injuries that may occur on the job.

The company's website offers more details about HBP Painting and their services, and interested parties may reach out to Cody Hartrum to follow up on any inquiries. Additionally, the company can be reached through their social media pages.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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