Reputable Pain Clinics In Mesa Emphasize that Back Issues are Best Handled by Doctors that Specialize in That Area of the Body

July 30, 2020
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Unity Spine & Joint, which operates several highly rated pain clinics in Mesa and other Arizona locations, wanted to emphasize why it’s so important to get back pain and other back-related issues treated by a doctor that specializes in that area of the body. They say this is because a person’s spine is one of the most difficult areas of the body to treat because of all the different types of body parts that come together to make it work. Chiropractors and other back specialists know well the intricate roadmap of how the different parts of the spine interreact and therefore also know best how to treat problems that arise in this area of the body.

The clinic spokesperson, Dr. Thomas Morgan, says, “Without a doubt, a person’s spine is one of the most complicated parts of their body. It’s an area of the musculoskeletal system where nerves, tendons, joints, muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissues come together to help a body move so it can perform several different functions. Because of these many different parts sometimes being stretched to their limits, the spine is also very susceptible to injury and many degenerative body processes. The result of these conditions can be extreme pain, stiffness, numbness, and more. This is why in most cases it takes a chiropractor who has spent many years in very specific types of spinal treatment training to diagnose and resolve back pain and other back-related problems.”

Dr. Morgan went on to say that there are several factors besides all of the different body parts that make up the cervical spine that make it so complicated to diagnose problems associated with it. He says that one of the main ones is that it’s an area of the body where many times similar symptoms can be related to entirely different conditions. The clinic spokesperson gave as an example that movement which results in pain or numbness in the cervical spine can be caused by nerve impingement, soft tissue damage, disc problems, and more. It’s also an area of the body where issues related to it can be experienced in other parts of the body. He says an example of this is a pinched nerve in the back that causes numbness in the arms or legs. Dr. Morgan also mentioned that although back pain is extremely common, it often takes different treatment regimens to give relief to people with nearly identical symptoms. These treatments also work best in most cases when provided over a longer period which is unlike other medical conditions. This is why he says that it’s best to let the dedicated cervical spine specialists like those at their pain clinic in Glendale Arizona or other locations help people that are experiencing any back-related issues.

The clinic spokesperson went on to talk about the different spinal problems that the chiropractors at their Arizona clinics are very good at diagnosing and treating. This includes such problems as upper and lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, bulging discs, and TMJ pain. He added that their treatments have also proven to have an impact on those suffering from sciatica, headaches, leg numbness, and shoulder and neck pain. Dr. Morgan says they use a wide variety of non-surgical treatments to help alleviate the pain associated with their patients’ cervical spine-related conditions with the end goal being preventing these conditions from recurring.

This clinic’s services are also very well thought of by those that have experienced them. In a 5-star review left on Unity Spine & Joints Google Maps Listing, Christine Johnson stated, “If you are in pain this is the place to go. Every person you interact with is kind and really listens. Instead of jumping in and doing any treatment, they made sure they understood what needed to be corrected and worked to find the best solution. Makes me feel like I'm on the best path possible for a pain-free life. Thanks everyone.” If someone is interested in learning more about these chiropractors in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, they can be contacted by phone, email, or by using the instant messaging service that pops up on their website home page.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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