Highly Rated Dentist In San Gabriel Accepting New Patients

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InStyle Dental, a highly-rated San Gabriel Dentist, would like people in the area to know that their office is now accepting new patients. They have the extra staff and resources in place to handle the extra patient load even with the COVID-19 steps they are taking to ensure the safety of their staff and patients. This big announcement also comes at a time when the demand for this dental office’s services has never been greater. They gave credit for this newly created demand to such resources as their Google Maps Listing which has had numerous glowing reviews left on it praising InStyle Dental’s services. They mentioned a recent 5-star review as an example of this. In this review, Nancy F. states, “Dr. Kar is an A+ dentist. If you are looking for expertise, honesty, a wonderful staff, and a designated parking lot, this is the dental office for you. Excellent compliance during COVID-19 is another reason to visit this dental office.”

This is just one of 146 reviews on this dental office’s services that have been posted to their Google Maps Listing. InStyle Dental maintains an excellent 4.9 out of a possible 5-star rating when these reviews are averaged together. They have accomplished this feat by operating their dental office at a consistently high level for over a decade. In a review that attests to this fact, John R. writes, “I've been coming here for several years now and multiple times a year for different dental issues. Dr. Kar and his staff have made me feel like family and the level and quality of care for their pre and post dental work is outstanding, I have recommended InStyle to all my friends and family.”

The Dental Office Administrator, Carolina Rodriguez, states, “Over the years as we have grown, we have learned to streamline our services to handle additional patients without compromising the quality of our dental work and customer service. It’s something that we have gotten better and better at as time has gone on. We have also added such valuable members to our staff as Dr. Chrissy Park, our resident Pediatric Dentist, and Dr. Joseph Morcos, our Periodontist. Because of this and the layout of our spacious dental office, we are now more than ready to take on new patients.”

According to the office administrator, they also look very closely at any reviews that have been written on them. Rodriguez, says, “When we first started getting ready to accept patients here at InStyle Dental, one of the things that was discussed most often in meetings was the core principles that we wanted to run our dental office by. It was decided that we would dedicate ourselves to forming long-lasting relationships with our patients by offering compassionate and quality dental work that is done in a comfortable, family-type atmosphere. The high percentage of positive reviews that we have received on our Google Maps Listing and other resources, affirms to us that we are doing a good job adhering to the principles we set out to uphold from our first day in business.”

InStyle Dental is a full-service dental office that caters to many different dental needs. They do everything from general dentistry such as teeth cleanings to advanced orthodontics work. This dental office also treats gum disease, replaces missing teeth, and inserts dental implants. Rodriguez says that they also pride themselves on using the latest approved dental treatment methods and a large majority of their equipment is state of the art.

This dental office even tries to make things a little bit fun for their customers by doing such things as holding a free raffle drawing every month and around major holidays. Winners of the raffle get various prize packages and gift certificates. Rodriguez added, “We go out of our way at our dental facility to keep everything fun and friendly. That makes us a lot different from the dental offices that your mom or dad used to go to many years ago.” Several of the other informative press releases that have been written on this progressive dental office can also be seen here at

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Our goal to provide you with the utmost level of comfort while doing everything possible to give you excellent dental care.

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