A Divorce Lawyer in Pensacola, FL Informs the Community about the Process of Changing Custody Terms to Accommodate Relocation

June 29, 2020
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Pensacola, Fla. – Craig A. Vigodsky, P.A., a divorce lawyer in Pensacola, FL, is informing the community this month about the process of changing custody and visitation orders when a parent must relocate to a new place of residence.

One of the challenges that split families often encounter is the added complication that occurs when one parent moves to a new place of residence. Upon filing a divorce, the judge typically sets the guidelines for the custody of children and how visitation times are divided among the mother and father. The grounds upon which these guidelines are determined have to do with the current locations of the parents, as well as the availability of transportation and travel times. However, as everyone knows, life takes many twists and turns, so when a parent must relocate to a new place of residence, the judge’s divorce orders may be changed.

According to the Pensacola family lawyer, in order for a move to be considered a “relocation,” the parent must move at least 50 miles away from the place of residence that is documented in the original divorce orders. In addition, the new place of residence must remain permanent for at least 60 consecutive days. If this is the case, a judge may approve a modification of the specific custody and visitation orders. For a petition to be approved, an outline of how the move will affect the current court orders will need to be provided. Oftentimes, a new parenting plan and summary of the costs, fees, and time involved in the modified visitation schedule will need to be created as well. In these situations, consulting a professional will benefit the parent in helping them receiving their desired results.

Family lawyer Craig A. Vigodsky is an expert in family law and can help parents succeed in getting the terms of their custody or time-sharing agreement changed in order to accommodate the relocation. For more information contact Craig A. Vigodsky, P.A. today by phone at (850) 912-8520 or visit his website at www.pensacolalawoffice.com.

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