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Atlanta Car Accident Chiropractors Publish Blog On Symptoms That May Signal Whiplash

June 19, 2020
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Atlanta, Georgia -

Arrowhead Clinic, an Atlanta car accident injury chiropractor, has published a blog on some of the symptoms that might signal whiplash following a car accident. Whiplash is an incredibly common injury among motor vehicle accident victims, and it is caused by the rapid back and forth motions car accident victims experience in the neck during collisions. Whiplash injuries can range from mild to severe but, regardless of how serious the injury may be, it is always important to visit a chiropractor after the injury in order to avoid the possibility of it worsening over time. Whiplash is one of the many car accident injuries that are not immediately obvious, with injuries often taking hours or days to present symptoms. There are, however, ways to identify whiplash.

Many whiplash symptoms present themselves within 24 hours of the accident. Victims often experience mild to severe neck pain and stiffness. The stiffness is a result of the neck muscles becoming stiff to limit movement and thus protect the neck from further injury. Depending on the severity of the whiplash, it is not uncommon for movement to become extremely painful. The general telltale signs of whiplash include worsening pain with neck movement, headaches, memory problems, irritability, difficulty concentrating, blurred vision, fatigue, dizziness, depression, and sleep disturbances. These symptoms do not always mean that one has a whiplash injury, and one might be injured and not experience any of the above symptoms—which makes it very important to be evaluated by a chiropractor.

“It is always recommended that you seek medical treatment as quickly as possible after a car accident, no matter how you are feeling,” says the blog post. “For serious injuries, you should visit the ER or Urgent Care. However, if you have the symptoms of a whiplash injury, there's a chance an ER or urgent care will not diagnose you properly and just prescribe painkillers. All painkillers will do is mask the pain that you are feeling, which can cause you to put off the care you actually need. The longer you wait to seek treatment for whiplash, the worse your injury can become. By putting off treatment, you run the risk of suffering for much longer than necessary because you did not receive prompt treatment. Even if you do not experience whiplash symptoms after your accident, you are encouraged to seek chiropractic care. Your chiropractor will be able to diagnose and begin treating your injury before it can worsen or turns into a chronic problem.”

The Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta has a team of highly qualified expert chiropractors who have lots of experience with diagnosing and treating whiplash injuries. They have been helping people with a number of accident-related injuries for decades, and they encourage those who have been involved in an accident to seek out treatment.

Many have sought treatment from the Atlanta chiropractor, and a number of them have left great reviews of the clinic. “This is my first time ever having to use a chiropractor service,” says a Google review from a patient named Dajuan. “I was a little nervous at first because I had no clue what to expect. The only day that the staff did not address me by my name was the initial day that I walked in. Since then, I have been greeted warmly with, "Good afternoon Mr. Sargent! How are you feeling today?" They are the warmest medical staff that I have ever dealt with. They laugh and joke with me during my visit which makes it highly enjoyable. It's like they have made me a part of the office family. Also, Dr. Turner is phenomenal!! She does not just come in the room and start working on you, she tells you exactly what she's doing and why. She is friendly and answers all of my questions completely. I really enjoy coming to this office and I would recommend them to anyone! Five stars are not enough; they deserve 100 of them.”

Anyone in Atlanta looking for a reliable chiropractor can read more about Arrowhead Clinic online through their website and other resources. The clinic offers treatment to car accident victims in Atlanta, so if one is searching for a chiropractor after experiencing a car accident, they can find exactly what they are looking for at Arrowhead Clinic. Learn more here: Chiropractor After Car Accident.

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