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Home Buyer Offers Solution: Sell My House Fast In Austin

June 17, 2020
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Austin, TX based HUD512 Austin House Buyers recently published an article on their website that explores how local homeowners may set about selling their property if they want to make a quick sale.

Selling a home can be an incredibly difficult process. From the costs of repairing everything that may be wrong with the home in order to attract a better price to the process of finding someone interested enough to actually buy the house, selling a home is a long and difficult journey for most. HUD512’s article offers a few tips that can help make the sale of a home faster and simpler. The article can be found at

With everything that is currently happening with the real estate market and the Texas economy, many people are trying to figure out the best way to sell a house right now in Austin. Savvy homeowners are aware of the fact that there are many ways to sell a house in Austin—and that a traditional listing is not always the right option (especially since it is often the most complicated).

One way to sell a home quickly is to work with a direct buyer like HUD512 Austin House Buyers. “Working with a direct buyer is the quickest and easiest way to sell your house in Austin,” the article says. “That said, you will want to work with a buyer that is always fair, understands the market and knows exactly how to create a transaction that will benefit everyone involved. Not all buyers are the same. When you work with a direct buyer to sell your house in Austin, make sure you are working with someone who you can trust, someone who isn’t solely looking out for their own best interest. They need to be experienced, knowledgeable of the area and dedicated to creating a fair deal that all parties will love. We buy houses in Austin, so you can always come to us."

One can also sell their home as is. This is for homeowners who are unwilling or unable to invest money into making repairs or renovating their property. Renovating a piece of property can take weeks or even months and is almost always very expensive. Selling as-is can limit the pool of potential buyers since not everyone is looking to buy a fixer-upper (and a house in need of repairs does not appear as attractive as other, similar houses on the market). It is faster and cheaper, however, and many homeowners have sold their homes quickly by simply offering them as is.

Another tip the article offers is to ‘price to sell.’ “To sell a house fast on the MLS in Austin, you’ll need to compete with other properties that are currently listed,” the article says. “Take a look at what comparable houses are listed for as well as what they are actually selling for—there can be a big difference between the two. To get the attention of buyers, you’ll need to list your house for a lower price than the others on the market. You’ll have to run the numbers to determine if this will make sense for you. Lowering your price in addition to paying out commissions and other miscellaneous fees associated with the listing can really cost you.”

The fourth way in which one can sell their home the article recommends is to rent to own the home. Property owners who do not need the entire sale amount upfront can make use of a rent to own agreement. This allows the owner to charge higher than average rent, ensuring a large amount of rental income every month, and it makes the idea of purchasing the home much more attractive to buyers than a large single payment. The buyers are also more likely to pay the rent on time as failure to do so could void the agreement and cost them the opportunity to buy the home.

HUD512 offers homeowners a way to sell their homes quickly and easily without any of the disadvantages that come with selling as is or pricing to sell. The company buys properties directly and closes quickly. Their offers are often very attractive considering the time it takes to sell and one does not have to worry about making repairs or renovations around their home in order to sell.

A number of homeowners have talked about their experiences with HUD512 online. “Selling our home that we've created many memories in was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do,” says one client in a Google Maps review. “HUD512 Austin House Buyers handled us with such great care and understanding. They made the entire process less stressful and even helped us find a beautiful apartment. I say it with confidence and without reservation that I would do business with these Austin home buyers again.”

Find out more about the cash home buyers online through their website and other resources. Jack Rady of HUD512 Austin House Buyers can be reached for further details as well.

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